7 Vegetables That Can Help You In Gaining Weight

Most of us think losing extra kilos is the most challenging task, but gaining a healthy weight can also be as crucial as losing it. The main reasons for being underweight are either you are recovering from illness or losing weight as you age. Improper diet and loss of appetite due to stress can also make you underweight. Gaining weight is also important if you are trying to build muscles.  

Consuming nutritious foods that are high in calories is the best way to gain a healthy weight. Eating smaller meals frequently during the day can also help. Foods that can help in adding some kilos to your body are milk, rice, nuts, red meats and fish. But what if you are a vegetarian (or vegan)? Don’t worry, there are a bunch of vegetables also available that can contribute to weight gain. 

From peas to pumpkins, here are seven vegetables that can help in gaining a healthy weight: 


Green peas are high in fibre, protein and vitamins that help in regulating food in the body. It is also rich in carbohydrates that are very beneficial for weight gain. Adding peas to your regular diet can contribute to achieving an ideal weight along with other health benefits. You can eat a bowl of boiled peas with your meals or add it to your salads and cooked vegetables. 


Yes, this versatile vegetable can also help in gaining weight. Loaded with starchy carbohydrates, it is good for storing unburnt fats in the body. Apart from adding it to vegetables, cook it with butter, margarine, cream or any other fatty substance for better results. Avoid consuming potatoes in the form of French fries or chips as they are unhealthy. 


All of us are aware that beets are very nutritious and have numerous health benefits. Though it is low in fat and cholesterol, the calorie content of beets makes it ideal for a weight gain diet. You can either consume it as a juice or pair it with your meals as a salad. 


Corn is known for its starch content, that’s why we use corn flour for thickening the gravy. Starch is also responsible for weight gain as it helps in storing fat in the body. Adding a bowl of boiled corn with salt to your regular meal can aid weight gain. You can also season it with your favourite spices for flavour. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain complex starch, minerals, vitamins and proteins that are not only good for weight gain but also contribute to muscle building. Adding a bowl of this high calorie vegetable to your regular diet can help you achieve your desired weight. 


Yam is another root vegetable that can contribute to weight gain. Due to their high calorie count, it perfectly fits into the weight gain diet. It is also rich in folate, vitamin C and B5 that are good for immune system, blood sugar and bone health. 


Packed with many essential nutrients like protein, fibre and vitamin A, pumpkins are an amazing contribution to weight gain diet. The starch content in this vegetable is converted into glucose that helps in storing fat in the body. Apart from this, pumpkins are also good for kidney and heart diseases. Add a bowl of pumpkin soup to your lunch and dinner for a better result.