Pea Protein Vs. Regular Protein; Key Differences To Know
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Pea protein powder as the name suggests is a type of supplement that is made by extracting protein from high-quality yellow peas. This protein powder is a great source of supreme quality protein that can help in muscle growth and also provides a significant amount of iron to the body. As per a report published in a journal called Sports in 2019, it was published that the pea protein has similar effects on the body like that of whey protein. It gives the same muscle thickness, strength, buildup and body composition.

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What sets pea protein apart from other whey proteins is the fact that it is naturally made from yellow peas and doesn't contain any chemicals. It is a beige colour powder and is a type of isolated protein because it is obtained by isolating the protein from yellow peas. As per the Texas Health Resources, pea protein has about 20-25 g of protein per scoop. This is almost twice as compared to the amount of protein that one gets from one cup of peas. This simply means that ingesting peas in the form of protein pea powder is healthier for the body.

What Makes Pea Protein Quality 

It is a general conception that animal-based proteins are more digestible as compared to plant-based proteins. This minimises the option window for vegetarian and vegan people who cannot consume animal-based proteins. In this case, protein pea powder becomes one of the best options for people who want to start protein powder. It is one of the few plant-based protein powders that is easy to digest and also gives the body a substantial amount of protein.

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As per the Cleveland Clinic, protein pea powder contains more iron as compared to whey protein. Currently, iron deficiency is one of the largest deficiencies in the world. Consuming protein that is made from peas is not only going to provide enough protein to the body but also gives a sufficient amount of iron. The best way to consume protein pea powder to attain the maximum benefits is to have it with some source of vitamin C. One can simply have citrus-rich fruits along with consuming protein pea powder as they help in better absorption. 

Another notable thing about protein pea powder is that it works with a lot of different types of diets. Protein powder is dairy-free, gluten-free and a plant-based source of protein which makes it fit for vegans also. People suffering from top allergens like peanuts, eggs, fish, cow, milk, nuts, wheat, and even soya can have this protein powder. It is hard to find a protein powder that is as versatile as the pea protein powder. Any person who has an energy from peas should stay away from it

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Top Health Benefits 

Here are some of the top health benefits of having P protein powder regularly.

* Keeps One Full

Protein powders have to make a person feel full as workouts can be extremely tiresome and can make a person feel hungry. Protein powder made from peas is a very healthy and natural way to add protein to one's diet and also satiate hunger instantly. While it makes a person feel full, it certainly doesn't lead to the feeling of heaviness in the body that promotes lethargy. It is also not very high in calories.

* Full Of Bioactives

As per a study published in the journal Foods in 2023, peas are full of bioactive that give it a different set of healthy properties like being rich in antioxidants, being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and also helping in the regulation of metabolic syndrome effects. It is obvious that being made from peas, protein pea powder also has many of these properties. Thus other than providing protein and iron to the body, it also offers a lot of other health benefits.

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How To Consume

A lot of people are confused about the right way of consuming the protein pea powder. A simple wayis  to add 1 to 2 scoops of pea protein powder in a smoothie mixture that is made from milk and fruit like bananas. Some other creative ways to consume protein powder is to make oatmeal or wheat porridge. Add two scoops of pea protein powder in it. One can also make brownies, muffins and waffles as well from pea protein powder. Pea protein powder is very grassy and has a flavour that reminds one of natural vegetables devoid of any chemicals and fertilisers. One must consume this protein within two hours of exercising for the best results.