Payal Rohatgi's Cloud Kitchen To Sell 'Ghar Ka Khana' On Wheels
Image Credit: Payal Rohatgi/ Instagram, Zomato

From Mumbai To New Delhi, celebrities own several restaurants in India. They are luxurious dining spaces that bring dishes from around the world to your table. Amid the shining crockery and opulent space is a small clout kitchen, named Healthy Hustle, run by Payal Rohatgi from her home in Versova, Mumbai.

Video Credit: Payal Rohatgi/ YouTube

While celebrity-owned food joints give you a fine-dining space to enjoy delectables, Payal Rohatgi aims to bring nutritious food to your table at pocket-friendly prices. The Indian actor and fitness enthusiast started the kitchen on April 10, 2023, with an idea to provide her customers with nutritious food.

In the midst of food safety concerns that keep making headlines every day, actor’s Healthy Hustle is a brand that is making waves for delivering top-notch quality Ghar Jaisa Khana. Their motto is, “Not compromising on the taste and nutritional values of food.”

‘We Do Not Use Palm Oil Or Refined Oil’

In an exclusive interview with Slurrp, Payal Rohatgi opened up about travelling across the globe and staying in the best hotels. She says, “No matter how good a restaurant is, you cannot guarantee that the food is nutritious.” She adds, “People often experience health issues like constipation and bloating when they order food, and I want to change that.”

She started with an experiment with a food stall that she set up right below her tower. She spoke to people and vendors selling fruits and vegetables, and tried to get hold of the market as everything was new for her in this field. 

She says, “Many food joints claim that they make fresh food with organic ingredients, but how do you know? You don’t know the quantity of pesticides or chemicals used to grow or preserve your food. Even if they say that the food is cooked fresh, they are cooking it in either palm oil or refined oil.” Her cloud kitchen does not use either of them.

She takes pride in selling food from her kitchen where she has control over the ingredients and process of cooking. After partnering with Swiggy and Zomato, she says, “No order is cooked, packed, and picked without my supervision.” 

The actor adds that the menu features everyday dishes that she can make in case she does not have help at home. “I sell whatever Sangram and I eat. Therefore, the ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and cooked in ghee and best-quality oil.” While building Healthy Hustle, the actor says she learnt a lot about vegetables. For example, the shelf life of potatoes is less than onions.

She also adds that, unlike big restaurants, she does not prepare food in a large quantity and store it. Instead, “We prepare dishes in small quantities so that nothing goes to waste or requires refrigeration for a long time.”

Healthy Hustle Menu: Redefining Ghar Jaisa Khana

Image Credit: Healthy Hustle/ Instagram

Payal Rohatgi says that she sells whatever she eats at home. Therefore, the menu of Healthy Hustle features dishes like buttermilk, methi thepla, aloo paratha, tiffin meals, poha, chilla, dal-chawal, and more.

She says that Healthy Hustle does not use artificial colours and preservatives in food. She also adds that seasonal ingredients are used to cook the food.

Collaboration Of Healthy Hustle With International Wrestler Sangram Singh

Image Credit: Instagram

Sangram Singh, an international wrestler, arthritis fighter, and the Fit India Icon and face of the All India Millet Campaign, has collaborated with his wife Payal Rohatgi to make Healthy Hustle a brand synonymous with nutritious food. 

Born and brought up in Haryana, the wrestler works closely with a nutritionist and chef to design healthy food recipes. He mentions that they [Payal and Sangram] add healthier alternatives to sugar in the food sold by Healthy Hustle because they also avoid it. 

Payal Rohatgi’s Healthy Hustle Collaborates With Indian Railways

Image Credit: Healthy Hustle/ Instagram

Recently, Payal Rohatgi’s cloud kitchen has collaborated with Indian Railways. Much like renowned brands, now travellers will be able to order ‘ghar ka khana’ at the Andheri Station, Mumbai, from Healthy Hustle.

Speaking about this crucial milestone. Payal Rohatgi says, “Train travellers can search what they want to eat and order, say dal chawal or dal khichdi, half an hour or an hour before the train is supposed to arrive at the station. Our delivery agent from partners (Zomato or Swiggy) will hand over the order to the customers.”

The actor also adds that she is planning to explore more options. For example, she is looking to open stalls and small restaurants at the station to make delivery of ‘ghar ka khana’ from Healthy Hustle an easy task. 

Sharing about the future of Healthy Hustle, Payal Rohatgi says, “We are looking to expand the cloud kitchen into a centralised kitchen, where we will rent the space, set up management, and install equipment.” While currently the cloud kitchen is operating from Mumbai, the businesswoman is planning to expand it to other cities. She wants to make budget-friendly ‘ghar ka khana’ accessible to students and working professionals at a reasonable cost.