The internet is abuzz with rumours of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding this month. And while we may not know the real deal yet, what we do know about is that both Alia and Ranbir are foodies at heart. Don’t believe us? Well, Alia is pretty active on Instagram and we often spot her bingeing on her drool-worthy delicacies, Ranbir isn’t present anywhere on social media, but we found out some foodie secrets about him. 

Apparently, his fond childhood memories include that of bingeing on paya curry at his grandmother’s home and eating at his favourite food joints in Mumbai. In an interview in Indigo airlines’ in-house magazine ‘Hello 6E’, Ranbir spoke about his foodie trips to his ‘dadi’s house and how it was all about “eating and pampering”. He said, “Holidays at my dad’s house were always special – probably more than trips abroad. For us kids, it meant non-stop pampering and eating.”


This is, perhaps, no secret that the members of the famous Kapoor family are complete foodies. We have often seen snippets of their family get-togethers at special occasions and festivals, and the party is never complete without a table full of delicious food. Even Ranbir’s cousins Karisma and Kareena are known to be self-confessed foodies. Don’t you remember us telling you so many stories about their many indulgences?


Ranbir revealed how he grew up on the paya from his grandmother’s kitchen and he still loves it. For those unversed, paya is a stew-based dish made with trotters of goat, buffalo or sheep. Paya in Hindi and Urdu means a leg. Cooked in various spices, the thin soup is served bursting with soothing flavours. 

It is also a known fact that their grandfather Raj Kapoor was an excellent host, and this too was echoed by Ranbir in the interview, and revealed how he used to pamper all the kids with a day full of eating. “My grandfather was a legendary host and when we visited, he used to take us all in his car for a day of eating – starting with a South Indian close to his home in Chembur, and then ice creams at Haji Ali.” Ranbir further added that this is why he associates Mumbai with satisfaction, as the city somehow “fulfils a hunger”.


We also got to know the Bollywood star’s guide to some of the must-eat places in Mumbai and we couldn’t be more excited. Craving seafood? Ranbir’s go-to place is either Mizu or Mahesh Lunch Home. And if you are a newbie in town, Ranbir recommends the Kala Khatta at Girgaum, Chowpatty.  

Considering his love for paya curry, do you think it could make it to the menu of one of the most-awaited weddings of the year? Let us know.