Patodi: Nagpur’s Staple Breakfast Wins Appreciation On Social Media
Image Credit: Image: YouTube @Aamchimumbai

India’s regional culinary trails are as diverse as they are interesting, where one can find an array of mouth-watering treats and delicacies. And more than any fine-dining restaurant, it is the street food where you’ll find unique dishes being invented on a daily basis. Some of the street food items are deeply influenced by the culture and food habits of the people of that particular region. Nagpur in Maharashtra, for instance, is a place brimming with a host of interesting street food items. From black idlis, massive paratha, Bahubali pani puri to poha and chaats, the city is a heaven for foodies. In a recent video going viral on the internet, we got to see another Nagpuri special that has got us slurping. 

Kadhi Patodi is a staple breakfast for many in Nagpur. Patodi or patwadi is made from rolled gram flour dough stuffed with coriander and coconut mixture and deep fried till crispy and crunchy. It is served with kadhi which is made from buttermilk. A video of the making of patodi is going viral on the internet making us hungry. Shared on YouTube handle ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, the video showcases the making of patodi at Patodi Bhandar, an 80-year-old shop at Barkat Chowk in Mahal, Nagpur. 

The video starts with the shop owner starting with the process of making patodi. He first adds the patodi masala over a rolled out besan dough. While doing so he reveals how patodi is made at every Maharashtrian household after Diwali as dhania (coriander leaves) is best available during that time. Dhania is one of the primary ingredients in masala and this is free from onion, ginger and garlic. The shop owner also tells how one can add a lot of dry fruits to the stuffing as well. The elongated stuffed besan dough is then put in hot oil for frying, cut and served with some cold dahi on the side. He reveals that one can also serve it with shrikhand or kadhi. Take a look at the video:

The clip has got more than one million views already with people appreciating the shop and the taste of patodi. “I am his customer for the last 35 years. He makes great patodi. No one can match him,” wrote one user, while another commended the cooking skills of the shop owner, saying, “Hats off cooking skills.” People also commented on his dedication towards the art of cooking patodi “This person spend his whole life making this dish, hatss off to his dedication and patience, such a humble and gentlemen.” 

What do you think about this street food from Nagpur? Have you ever tried patodi? Let us know.