Patna's Famous Hanuman Mandir's Naivedyam Laddu Is Unmissable

Highly crowded with long queues of devotees every Tuesday, Patna's Mahavir Mandir has many reasons to be visited if you are in Bihar. Located near Patna railway station, one reason to visit this holy place is the special prasad that is offered here. As you will move forward in the queue towards the shops located near the temple for buying this prasad, you will see uncountable numbers of Naivedyam Laddu. Naivedyam laddu is among the popular prasads of Indian temples. On Tuesdays, the demand of Naivedyam Laddu remain more than 5000 kgs. Let's explore more about it and know how the laddu is made.

History of Naivedyam Laddu

The making of this laddu as prasad was started in the temple in 1993. It was inspired by Tirupati laddu and almost all who make Naivedyam laddu in Patna are from South Indian states. They work in their traditional clothes in all seasons and are skilled in their work. They have been working in the Mahavir Mandir kitchen for decades. Earlier they had a smaller kitchen where mostly things were done through manually through hands. They recently shifted to a bigger setting due to increasing demands. Now everything is done using big machines except the making of the cardboard boxes. Due to its taste and hygiene maintained at the kitchen, the prasad was given the FSSAI BHOG certificate.

How is it made?

Ingredients of  Naivedyam Laddu are brought from different places like Kerala and Karnataka. The imported chana is turned into besan and boondi is made first. The mixture of boondi, cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom is made in machines. Ghee is used for enhancement of flavour. The sugar syrup is also prepared in steam machines and added to the mixture. Final shape is given by hand and then packed for offerings. The prasad is available for purchasing in regions of Bihar too.

Explore this blissful prasad and the atmosphere whenever you visit Patna. The taste of this laddu will stay in your heart forever.