Patande: These Himachali Crepes Come With A Drizzle Of Apple Stew
Image Credit: This delicious breakfast has our heart

On my recent trip to Shimla, I was very eager to grab a bite of the local delicacies there. Himachal Pradesh is definitely known for its scenic beauty but there is so much to taste from the Himachali platter that you will be spoilt for choice. The first thing you see when you wake up in the morning are hilly terrains and majestic mountain range right outside the window. There is something known as the Himachali Dham which is quite popular in the region. It is an authentic pahadi plate that is loaded with dry and gravy vegetables, breads, rice and dessert. Beyond this traditional meal, Himachal is also home to a delectable range of breakfast items, one of them being patande. 

Idlis and dosa are very common across Indian states for breakfast. They are light and easy to make and taste amazing. On the other hand, the Western influences have brought pancakes into the picture too. Soft, fluffy, flattened cakes made from a batter are served as breakfast in many parts of the world. These are usually sweet in taste. Inspired by the two favourite breakfast options, the Himachalis have devised patande. For those untouched by the phenomenon, patande are a cross between a dosa and a pancake. Often referred to as Indian-style pancakes, patande hail from a small district of Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh. 

This breakfast dish is closer to the dosa in appearance but the texture and flavour reminds you of pancakes. Made from a batter of wheat flour, sugar, milk and ghee, the pancakes are flavoured with cardamom and cinnamon. Just like pancakes are served with condiments like honey, maple syrup and the like, patande is most often loaded with an apple stew. 

For making patande, you need to prepare a batter of wheat flour, milk, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and ghee. Once a semi-thick pancake is ready, you need to let it rest for some time. Heat the griddle and pour the batter in a circular shape. Next, flip the pancake to cook it from both sides. Meanwhile, prepare the apple stew by slicing apples and stirring them in a pot over medium flame. When they are cooked properly, keep them aside. Take out the pancakes on a plate and place the apples on to the pancakes. Drizzle some apple stew and honey if you like. Your delicious sweet Himachali pancakes are ready. 

Not just pancakes, there are several breakfast dishes from the Himachali region which taste delicious. You have got siddu,a soft fluffy bun, babru, which is quite similar to the Indian bhatura and is often served with a side of madra or chickpea curry. These enriching breakfast dishes is what makes the Himachali fare so unique and distinct. 

Are you curious to try these authentic dishes? Here is a recipe of a dosa-pancake that we have fetched for you.