Parsi Keema Pav: Savoury Minced Chicken With Pav
Image Credit: Unsplash

There comes an extremely attention-worthy and mouth-watering non-veg Pav-based dish along the lines of Pav Bhaji and that’s Parsi Keema Pav or just Keema Pav. If you have been thinking lately about tossing up a delicious minced chicken dish, then here’s the way to achieve it in an assuredly flavourful manner. This recipe will pleasantly remind you of Pav Bhaji, with nearly the same spices, tomato puree and peas going into the preparation to finally get a thick and flavourful Keema masala. Even the potatoes are not missed in this recipe, to create a compatible combination with chicken and make the Keema chunky and satiating. 

Mumbai Style Keema Pav

Keema Pav also belongs to the league of Mumbai street food where Chicken or  Mutton Keema is cooked with specific spices, seasoning and herbs. Just like Pav bhaji, this is also served with butter or ghee roasted Pav. However, the Keema is not confined to just being Mumbai’s street food, it's also a much-celebrated Parsi dish that is served at the Parsi worship place, Udvada and served at the sanatorium for breakfast.

There are slight variations in the Chicken Keema according to the purpose and occasion they are served for. For the evening meal, Keema Pattice is made without tomatoes, vinegar and sugar and the Keema made for dinner has a little watery gravy.

Preparation: 35 minutes

Cooking: 20-25 minutes

Servings: For 1-2 persons


    2 tbsp oil

    1 black cardamom

    1 tsp cumin seeds 

    1 onion (chopped)

    250 gm chicken mince (marinated with ginger & garlic )

    1 green chilli (slit)

    1 cup tomato (puree)

    ½  cup green peas

    1 tsp red chilli powder

    1 tsp coriander powder


    ⅛  tsp sugar

    2 potatoes (parboiled)

    ½  tbsp vinegar 

    ½  tsp sugar

    ¼  a cup of water

    2 pav (buttered)

    Potato Straws (for garnish)


    Heat oil in a pan and add black cardamom and cumin seeds to it

    Add chopped onions to it until translucent

    Then put minced chicken marinated earlier with ginger and garlic and cook it until chicken turns brown on one side. Turn the flame high and add green chillies and saute for 1 more minute

    Then add tomato puree and peas and incorporate all the powdered spices, salt and a pinch of sugar and mix everything well

    Let it simmer and come to a boil and then put the parboiled whole potatoes and combine well with all the ingredients. Cover and cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes

    In a small bowl take ½ tbsp vinegar and add ½ tsp sugar to it and mix it nicely. Keep this aside

    Meanwhile add ¼ cup of water to the pan, and cover and cook keema for 2 minutes

    Switch off the flame after 2 minutes and add the vinegar mixture and stir everything nicely and take out the keema in a serving dish

    Roast the pav in the same pan and garnish the keema with potato straws before eating

Roasting the pav in the same pan, helps them soak all the flavours of keema which tastes great with the Chicken Keema. Try out this delicacy of sweet and spicy flavours loaded in Chicken Keema. This Chicken Keema can also be eaten with plain rotis or as a fulfilling lunch meal.