Parsis And Their Love For Eggs

It’s no hidden fact that Parsi’s love their eggs. Their obsession with eggs is seen in all their dishes. For the Parsi’s eggs is a symbol of the prosperity and fertility and is seen in many of their religious ceremonies too. Their “Achoo-meechoo” act to ward off evil is a custom where the egg is waved around the person’s head and then broken.  

Their love for eggs can be seen in Bheeda par Eeda (Eggs on Lady fingers), AKuri to Kanda-Kera par eedu eggs take a special place in Parsi homes. Even the hard-boiled eggs (similar to devilled eggs), are a common dish in Parsi homes. Simple bottom line any dish that says “Par eeda” means it contains eggs.


The dish may look like a simple scrambled egg dish but this Parsi dish get’s it’s main flavour from the fried onions and ginger, coriander, chopped chilis, and black pepper. Typically eaten with double roti or toasted bread, the bharuchi akuri, another version of the same dish is also known to contain nuts too. Akuri is slighty runny and creamy in texture.

Sali Par Eedu

Another traditional breakfast recipe from the Parsi kitchen, Sali Par Eedu that sees fried potato straws and egg makes for a much filling and protein rich breakfast. Sali refers to deep fried potatoes, eedu is but obvious the egg. Cooked with some tomatoes, coriander and while making this dish use a deep flat bottomed frying pan.

The Poro

This Parsi omlette that’s loaded with some onions, tomatoes, chillies and coriander is ideal with some toasted bread and tea. This versatile dish is perfect for a Sunday brunch. Tucked inside bread this makes for a great breakfast.

Picnic Eggs or Parsi Scotch Egg

This popular egg dish sees the boiled eggs been wrapped in green coconut chutney and then covering with a layer of mashed potatoes, later dipped in egg wash and fried to a golden brown.