Parineeti Chopra’s Idli And Podi Trigger Some Intense Cravings

Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra has never shied away from discussing her weight-loss journey. The actor had to lose several pounds before she debuted in the industry in the year 2010. However, never once has she encouraged the idea of starving or fad diets. In fact, she is also not the one to demonise carbs and loves to indulge every once in a while. 

The self-confessed foodie, often shares plenty of food pictures and videos on her Instagram. Like, recently, when she was in Odisha she posted a gorgeous picture of Pakhala Bhaat, the fermented rice dish of the state. Seems like Parineeti’s heart beats for simple Indian regional dishes as on Monday, she took to her Instagram stories to share an image of delicious idlis smeared with podi. It is served on a banana leaf with coconut, tomato chutney and coriander chutney. These idlis were bigger and flatter compared to your regular idlis, and were also garnished with coriander leaves.  

Instagram @parineetichopra

Idli is a South Indian, puffed steamed cake, typically made with a fermented rice batter. The batter can also comprise lentils or other grains depending upon the recipe. As far as that bright, orange spice blend on top of the idli is concerned, it is called Podi. It is a fiery, powdered chutney or blend that is traditionally eaten with rice, they are also part of main meals or can be dusted on snacks to enhance the flavour of the dish and give it a spicy, punch edge.  

Podis are also of different kinds, for instance, the Karuveppilai Podi which is made of curry leaves, the Paruppu Podi which comprises lentils and various spices, or the Milagai Podi, which seems to be sprinkled on Parineeti’s idli. This Podi is made of sesame seeds and lentils, and is also called ‘gunpowder’, for its explosive flavour.  

If you have a bit of Podi, you rarely need anything else to go with your idlis and vadas. However, it does no harm to include a bowl of sambar too, if you are particularly a die-hard fan of the vegetable stew like us.

Here’s a delicious recipe of Podi Idli, for we know, you had started drooling way back. Cravings are mutual. Bon appetit.