Papad Dosa: Would You Try This Crispy Fusion Food?
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What to have for breakfast on a Monday morning is a worry that grips us all. Quick recipes that don’t make too much of a mess out of the kitchen are everyone’s favourite. Whether it’s poha or pav bhaaji, breakfast recipes should be delicious, easy and quick to make. Keeping all of this in mind we have a breakfast suggestion for you: Papad dosa. Don’t be alarmed, while this dish may be seeming uncommon to you, it’s delicious, nutritious and can be prepared in a jiffy. If you’re out of dosa batter, the papad dosa is a nice tweak to having an impromptu south-Indian inspired breakfast meal. This creative recipe is courtesy of Chef Kunal Kapur. Chef Kunal often comes up with unique recipes that leave us drooling. And this time he has come up with a papad dosa recipe that will be ready in less than 20 minutes.

This papad dosa can be paired with chutneys or sambhar. Don’t restrict having this yummy meal only for breakfast. If you’re time-pressed and in search for something quick to eat for dinner, this recipe is a must-try. All you need to make this treat is papad, water and oil. Chef Kunal shared a reel in which he showed how this dish can be made in a few simple steps. He captioned the video, “Yeh dosa nahi, papad dosa hai! Kuch hatke banao aur khilao.” So if you’re tired of making regular dosas, we recommend you give this recipe a try:

First, take 10 papads and soak them in a bowl full of water. Wait for it to get wet and mushy. Then take it out and put the wet papad in a blender. Make a smooth paste. Heat a pan, add some oil and pour a ladle of this mix. Let it cook from both the sides and enjoy with your favourite condiment. 

Chef’s video has garnered a lot of mixed reaction from the public, while some have hailed chef for this experiment, others have dubbed this as an unnecessary tweak to the quintessential Indian snack - papad. Many users have also said that it is a clever way to use left over uncooked papads that are usually thrown away if not cooked within a few months of purchase. Let us know what you think of this recipe by tagging us on Instagram at @slurrpapp!