Paneer Biryani Wins: Try These Different Varieties
Image Credit: Paneer Biryani recipes

The notion that biryani cannot be vegetarian or that vegetarian biryani doesn't exist is a widespread misconception. It is false, as there are various types of vegetarian biryanis available, including those with paneer, soyabean, and kathal or raw jackfruit. Moreover, these have further sub-varieties, such as palak paneer biryani and others.

Did you know that you could pair paneer biryani with mushrooms too? The possibilities are endless. If you're stuck on how to make a delicious veg biryani, these paneer biryani recipes will come in handy.

1.   Minty Paneer Biryani  

This mint-flavoured paneer biryani is a light rice dish that can be served for lunch or dinner. The paneer is diced into cubes and tossed into a paste made from crushed mint leaves. Marinated in this mix, the rice is parboiled and cooked with the paneer. The onions are sliced and sautéed in the pan. Then, cardamom, bay leaves, and other whole spices are added to it. Add in the paneer and rice and cook it all together.

2.   Paneer Mushroom Biryani  

Cooked with the goodness of soft and mushy paneer, the biryani is all things chunky and aromatic with the addition of mushrooms. The mushrooms are diced into smaller pieces and mixed with the paneer. The two are then spruced up with masala and layered on a bed of rice. Garnished with fried onions and paired with a bowl of curd, the biryani is a heavenly treat for the taste buds.

3.   Palak Paneer Biryani  

Got some leftover palak paneer in the refrigerator? Don’t fuss over eating it again for lunch. Instead, turn it into a completely new dish by adding it to your biryani rice. How do you do that, you ask? All you need to do is mix palak paneer with long-grained rice and cook it together on dum. You can add potatoes and a few other veggies if you like.

4.   Paneer And Lima Beans Biryani 

Did you ever think that you’d be able to eat a healthy biryani someday? Well, that day is here, my friend. This paneer and lima bean dish are a powerhouse of protein and is loaded with nutrition. The paneer is diced into cubes, and the lima beans are boiled. The rice is layered, followed by the paneer and beans. Cooked in a pot, the aroma and flavours of the two get infused into the rice.

5.   Paneer Tikka Biryani  

This is one of the simplest ways to elevate your biryani to the next level. Start by making the paneer tikka masala and marinating the paneer in spices and curd before frying it on a tava or grilling it in the oven. Parboil the rice with bay leaves and cloves. Add in the paneer tikka and cook it all together. Garnish with fried onions and enjoy.