Pahari Aloo Palda: This Creamy Lunch Recipe From The Hills Is Calling You
Image Credit: Unsplash, The creamy and delectable aloo palda is perfect for lunch.

As the clock strikes 12 pm, the mind instantly starts to think of dishes that can be prepared for lunch. While there are a plethora of vegetables that are grown in India, our fascination for potatoes is inexplicable. We love preparing standalone potato dishes as much as we enjoy dunking them in almost anything and everything. The humble potato has stood the test of time and never failed to impress us. The soft and chunky texture of potatoes is something that most adults and kids enjoy. From the hilly terrains of Himachal to the desert areas of Rajasthan, potatoes have featured in a plethora of fares. 

We found one such potato recipe from the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh that is perfectly suitable for your lunch. It is called Pahari aloo palda or simply, aloo palda. Aloo refers to potatoes in Hindi and palda refers to curry. Paldas are usual suspects in Himachali cuisine. Not just potatoes, several other vegetables can be mixed into a palda. What we have to be thankful for is the fact that we were introduced to the potatoes by the Portuguese. The aloo has led to becoming a sensation in the country ever since. 

The aloo palda is a creamy and rich gravy, with chunks of sliced potatoes dunked into a thick curry. It is a soothing and warm treat to the taste buds that moves away from the hot and sizzling spices. A mélange of fine spices and subtle flavours, aloo palda follows a simple method of preparation. To make aloo palda at home, you need some potatoes sliced as wedges, onions and some yoghurt. The process begins by preparing a rice paste by grinding rice with cardamom. This paste is then mixed with yoghurt to make it thicker. Spices like cumin, cloves, cinnamon and hing are added to a pan and tossed in. 

Later the potatoes are added to the spices along with whisked curd. To whisk the curd, add some water to the rice paste plus curd combination and whisk it with a blender. Once done, add it to the sliced potatoes. Throw in the turmeric, coriander and salt. The turmeric powder helps to give it a pale yellow colour. Cook till the potatoes turn soft but not mushy. Serve hot and garnish with coriander leaves. Pair it with chapattis or even rice. 

If you are ready to dig into this pahari delicacy, here is a recipe to devour.