Padma Lakshmi’s Cucumber Soup Is All You Need This Season
Image Credit: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram, Chilled Cucumber Soup

When it’s hot outside, the sight of greasy and oily food makes one fret. People look for alternatives to replace fiery meals and add some refreshing dishes to it. One such recipe that reminded us of the same is Padma Lakshmi’s chilled cucumber soup. Did you know that the Indian-American model is a die-hard foodie? She is one of those who doesn’t just like to eat but cooks too.

Time and again, Padma shares her home recipes, tips and tricks, as well as cooking hacks, which are quite useful. This time, to suit the summer season, she shared a detailed recipe of her cucumber soup. Delighted by the freshness of the soup, she deems that it is perfect for summer.

The actor-model is well-known for hosting a cooking show for many years and it seems like the foodie in her is expressing her love for food on social media too. Padma makes some yummy treats that are healthy, and usually shares an interactive recipe video of the same on her Instagram feed. Recently, she took to her Instagram to share a quick recipe of a refreshing cold soup. This cold soup, made with the goodness of cucumbers and yoghurt, turns out to be very creamy, thick and fresh. Since cucumbers are cooling agents, they are recommended to be eaten in summer and this idea of making a cold soup out of it is fabulous.

This recipe, as captioned by the cookery show anchor, is from her cookbook, titled Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet. All the ingredients are whizzed together in a blender along with salt and pepper, and Padma is seen slurping on the pale green soup that is rich in flavour and nutrition. Not only is she a great chef, Padma has also authored several cookbooks in the past.

Earlier too, the TV show host shared some quick tips to make nimbu ka achaar at home. She talked about how this lemon pickle recipe is from her grandmother’s kitchen. In the caption, she suggested ways of pairing this pickle with several dishes, including her favourite Thayir Sadam.