Padma Lakshmi Makes Pickled Peppers At Home: Ways To Use It
Image Credit: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram, She made delicious and hot pickled peppers at home.

At 52, Padma Lakshmi looks as young as ever. The actor cum model is also a great cook and her Instagram feed speaks volumes about the same. Her profile is filled with her experiments in the kitchens, trying out all kinds of recipes. Moreover, she is also a deeply-rooted person who still enjoys Indian food despite living in the States for so many years. 

In fact, there have been several times when Padma has been spotted indulging in desi food. However, this time she’s teaching us how to make pickled peppers at home and we must say that she’s made it look quite easy. The video on her feed begins with Padma accidentally tasting vinegar and slightly choking on it. As she laughs it off, she shows the camera all the peppers she has got from the farmer’s market. She mentions how she’s got the hottest peppers from the lot. 

Next, she takes a huge glass jar and adds some plain white vinegar to it. Then she throws in 3 tbsp of sea salt and an equal amount sugar to the concoction. Mixing it well, she tastes it and says that “it’s perfect”. Finally, she adds the green, red, yellow and orange peppers to the glass jar and pushes it down so that the peppers are drowning in the vinegar mix. And Voila! The pickled peppers are ready. 

She captioned the video saying, “TFW you make pickled peppers and accidentally chug straight vinegar”. These pickled peppers can be used for salad dressings as the vinaigrette works wonders on lettuce, tomatoes and other raw vegetables. You can also pair it with cheese and crackers to balance the flavours or layer it up on your sandwiches for a hot and sour taste. You can even use it as toppings for pizzas or stuff it in your omlettes.