Ordering Food? Deepinder Goyal Might Be Your Delivery Agent!
Image Credit: Food delivery agent, Image Source: Adobestock

With the advent of streamlined food delivery platforms, there is a sea change in consumers' preference towards eating outside food. Today, an Indian user of these platforms needs no special occasion. Hunger pangs, mood swings, laziness to cook, a celebration of any minor achievement or attending to impromptu guests, ordering food, desserts and beverages through these platforms has become the new normal. While most users are familiar with how to use these food delivery apps or outlets, how many pay attention to the person delivering it? What if we say the Zomato CEO may deliver your next order? Don't be stunned. It is possible. 

Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, emphasises the importance of taking on the responsibilities of a delivery guy for an entire day. The news came as a Tweet by Sanjeev Bikhhandni, co-founder of Ashoka University and creator of Naukri.com. He further stated that at a minimum of once every three months, key management from the Zomato team also participates in this activity. He also said that nobody has yet recognised the CEO of Zomato.

Sanjeev also shared that the CEO and the senior members of his team wear the official red t-shirts, the brand's uniform and get on to the job. The head honcho of the food delivery platform has successfully played this role and kept anonymity. 

An anonymous food delivery agent, Image Source: Freepik

This news created ripples in the web, and netizens were shocked to learn that Zomato's senior management had implemented such procedures. One Twitterati appreciated the move: "A great motivational message for the team. No work is small; rather, all works are important for the company."

Another praised it and tweeted: "Superb initiative, nothing like being close to the customer. Incredible insights. Anything similar lined up for Restaurant owners?"

However, not everyone was astounded by this call. Some Indians responded negatively to this gesture.

One commented: "Investors with a veneer of social conscience. Tell them to survive on the same pay, incentives and penalties as delivery executives for at least a couple of days. And then tweet again." 

A few also started comparing the brand with its rival and posted: "And @SwiggyInstamart on the other side delivering rotten fruits."

Amidst such mixed reactions, we hope the CEO might take notes of key points and ring the bell to deliver your food as you are reading this story.