Orange Candy And More: 5 Most Loved Snacks By 90s Kids
Image Credit: Unsplash

Today when we spot a packet of “Natkhat” or “Chatmola”, we get down memory lane. Sometimes while passing through a bakery, we see freshly baked cream rolls and soothing aata or wheat biscuits, all these food items just remind the 90s kids about how fortunate they were to taste everything nice. The kids today have ample snacking options but the snacks that we, the 90s kids enjoyed, were special for so many reasons. They were available at dirt-cheap rates and captured our entire childhood.

Just thinking about these snacks takes us back to a nostalgic ride and makes us feel how amazing our childhood was. In this article, let us take you through the 6 most popular and loved snacks by 90s kids. If you are a 90s kid, you are surely going to relive your childhood. Don’t believe us? Have a look!


Unlike the expensive snacks that kids these days enjoy, “Natkhat” was the name of a popular snack. These were wheat puffs packed in a bright yellow-coloured packet with a smiling face on the top. These puffs were too delicious, those who know, know! This snack has become a rare sight in the market but whenever you see it, don’t forget to buy it and relive your childhood.

Parle-G Biscuits

Parle-G biscuits were something that was on everybody’s mind and even today, its charm has not faded away. These glucose biscuits have been a staple in Indian households for decades. They were not only a snack but also often served with tea or milk. 

Orange Candy

How many of you remember traveling on a train or bus and spotting vendors selling orange-coloured candies in small packets? These candies were shaped like oranges and had the perfect sweet and sour-taste. Unlike the expensive chocolates that the kids eat today, these orange candies were our absolute travel buddies.

Aata Biscuits

Do you remember those bakery biscuits with vertical lines on top? Yes, those were the aata or wheat biscuits. The taste of those wheat biscuits is something we still can’t forget. 90s kids used to enjoy those biscuits with milk and tea. And you know what was the scariest moment? To protect those biscuits from drowning in the hot cup of milk or tea.

Malai Cheeni Toast

Well, this toast was as simple and humble as our lives were. I remember enjoying this sweet snack to the fullest and it's not just me, but many 90s kids too. This toast was a simple preparation where a layer of malai was spread over bread slices. Then, the malai was topped with sugar and served! How simple is that! If we have triggered your malai cheeni toast cravings, why don’t you try making it at home?