Only Carbs: Anshula Kapoor Chose These Koreans Buns For Her Sunday Binge
Image Credit: Screengrab of image/Instagram, Korean breads are usually shaped like buns.

The fan fare for all things Korean is no stranger to us today. Right from the Korean language and K-dramas to Korean culture and music, people have bonded over their love for Korean food too. Moreover, the Korean boy band, BTS has also become a rage among young adults and middle-aged so much so that they refer to themselves as the BTS army. You would find a plethora of shops and stores selling the Korean merchandise as well as those hot and fiery noodles. Don’t you remember the chilli oil noodles that went viral on Instagram? That was a Korean trend too. 

Seems like the celebrities and their families have also been caught by the Korean fever. Recently, Arjun Kapoor’s sibling, Anshula Kapoor took to her Instagram to share her Sunday binge with us. Her stories comprised of a box of buns and it was captioned, “Happy Sunday To Me” along with a sticker which read Carb Overload. In the caption, she mentioned how these are the “best Korean buns in the city”. Here take a look at her soft buns. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Anshula Kapoor

This is a pull-apart kind of bread. The bun is sliced into four to six parts from the centre. The hollow portions are then filled with a garlic, melted butter and herb mixture. Then grated cheese is added on top and it is baked.