One Golden Mile Has This New Chic Address In Town
Image Credit: Chica has opened in One Golden Mile/ Pic Ayandrali Dutta

One Golden Mile, this new address is all about celebration of some finer things in life and exquisite taste of food and music. The whole space has been very carefully Ecologically planned and is environmentally friendly too. A sync in harmony with nature. And amidst all this beautiful setup lies Chica-the high energy Bar, that’s defining the whole gamut of luxury dining. 

Chica, space spread over a lavish 10,000 square feet, happens to be the mastermind of none other than Dinesh Arora, who had already given many known FnB landmarks. From an elaborate Dining Room, to a bustling Club Bar, which extends to a picturesque Boutique, and a feeling of openness at The Fountain Court, Chica’s impeccable well-done lighting and dainty and classy furnishings adds to its ambience and tone of the place. The mesh gazebos and pretty lanterns that hang in the huge trees at the courtyard makes this place all the more magical.

Chica is the new address in town/ Pic- Instagram

Talking about food it has been done by Chef Adit Grover who comes with years of experience from some of the finest five stars across the country. Though the menu sees everything from salads, grills, pizzas and burgers and of course the delectable desserts, but it mainly focusses on Asian & Mediterranean Cuisines, with a never seen section on the rebellious fusion of the two – MediterAsian. From the Lebanese Platter to the Ceviche to the Pizza with buratta cheese or the Risotto each dish gets a thumbs up. Their cocktails surely deserve every praise. Done by mixologist Kamal Kohli. The place surely has got their food and cocktails right. 

 Five Spice Golden Prawns



1.    For the five-spice powder, take a shallow bottomed pan and heat it.

2.    Now, add the whole spices and broil them on a low flame for 5-6 minutes till the get toasted.

3.    Remove from the pan, let it cool. Once they come down to room temperature, blend into a fine powder.

4.    For the batter, in a deep bowl, add all the dry ingredients and mix well.

5.    Now, add the soda and mix using a whisk into a smooth and thin mixture.

6.    Add half of the five-spice powder made into it.

7.    In a deep bottomed pan, add the sunflower oil and heat it.

8.    Dip the prawns into the better and drip off the excess batter and deep fry till the prawns are nice and golden,

9.    Remove them from the oil and place over a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

10.    Sprinkle some five-spice powder and serve hot.