Once Inaugurated By Dilip Saab,This Eatery Now Opens In Gurugram
Image Credit: Burrah Chops, Copper Chimney

How about dinning in a restaurant that was once Inaugurated by the legendary actor Dilip Kumar in 1972 and was helmed by Chef Tari, the first female ustad, where she dished out some of the most memorable tandoori rotis to guests. Yes, Mumbai’s very own favourite North Indian restaurant opened it’s door sometime back in CyberHub, Gurgaon. This iconic eatery Copper Chimney that has been known for its Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken was originally started by Mr JK Kapur in Mumbai then Bombay after he moved there post the partition. Known for its North Indian flavours, not just the food but also the ambiance of this place will catch your attention with vibrant lights and indoor plants and not to miss the unique chime of copper bells. 

The Cyberhub outlet sees some of the iconic dishes the such as the Ab-e-Hayat, a subtly flavoured and unique light vegetable and coconut water soup, Kadak Roomali, a paper-thin bread roasted on an inverted tawa and topped with your choice of masalas, the melt-in-mouth Paneer Tikka, the house special Grilled Burrah Chops, that has been marinated for over 8 hours with a delicious hint of cinnamon, the unmatched and cult-favourite Chelo Kabab, served on a fragrant bed of buttered basmati rice, and the delectable Rogan Josh, slow-cooked with as many as 21 spices in a special Kashmiri chilli spice-infused oil.

From the delectable Murg Boti Dum Biryani that is slow-cooked to Dal Maharaja that sees a dollop of hand-churned butter goes best when paired along with some Roomali Rotis, flaky Chura Parathas that has been cooked in the evenly heated tandoor.

The meal would be incomplete without desserts like Muzaffar Copper Chimney and almond phirni chikki. This year also marks the 50-year milestone for the brand, and also its entry to Delhi-NCR market. 

Kadhai Chicken - By Copper Chimney


·     300 gms of boneless chicken

·    2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

·    2 bay leaves

·    1 tbsp Kashmiri red chilli paste

·    2 tbsp refined oil

·    5 diced green capsicums

·    5 diced red capsicums

·    1 cup chopped tomato

·    2 cups chopped onions

·    0.2 tbsp coriander powder

·    0.1 tbsp cumin powder

·    0.1 tbsp turmeric powder

·    0.1 tbsp garam masala powder

·    0.1 tbsp red chilli powder

·    0.1 tbsp green chilli paste

·    0.2 tbsp salt

·    0.4 tbsp lemon juice

·    0.3 tsp coarsely crushed coriander seeds

·    0.1 tsp chilli flakes

·    0.1 tbsp fresh, chopped coriander leaves


·    Heat oil in a pan, add bay leaves

·    Add the chopped onions. Cook until golden brown, add ginger garlic paste and cook for 2 minutes

·    Add the chopped tomato, red chilli and green chilli paste and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes

·    Add all the powdered spices and a splash of water

·    Add the chicken and toss continually until cooked, adding a splash of water twice or thrice

·    Add the roasted & crushed coriander seeds and chilli flakes to the cooked chicken and toss well

·    Finish with lemon juice and garnish with fresh, coriander leaves