Onam 2023: Emirates Airlines To Celebrate With Sadhya Onboard
Image Credit: Onam Saadhya will be served onboard | Shutterstock

Onam is a very important festival celebrated in Kerala, which marks the harvest season in the Southern state of our country. Every year, it is celebrated with 10-day-long celebrations, following rituals and customs, enjoying the festivities, and eating great food along the way. This year, Emirates Airline is partaking in the Onam celebrations in their own unique way: by serving sadhya onboard.

The International airlines have come up with the announcement that all their flights flying to and from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, connecting them to Dubai, will now be serving authentic Onam dishes across all cabin classes. This special celebration to mark the auspicious festival will begin on August 20 and go on until August 31. During this time, Onam sadhya dishes will be served onboard 14 weekly Emirates flights to and from Kochi and 7 weekly ones to and from Thiruvananthapuram.

Recipe - Authentic Kerala

The specially curated menu will have the nostalgic home-made taste of sadhya, and there will be multiple options for the passengers to choose from. To make the experience more authentic and special for all the Keralites, all the meals during this time will be served on banana leaf dish liners. This is indeed a great way to touch the hearts of people by embracing the nuances of their culture.

The elaborate menu will have a full-course meal of appetizers, dips, pickles, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses, as well as traditional dessert dishes. The exact sadhya dishes being served include sharkara upperi, kaya varuthathu, kaalan, cucumber pachadi, puli inji, pappadum, avial, and erissery. Non-vegetarians can enjoy the authentic taste of Alleppey kozhi, mutton sukha, and chicken sukha along with chemba rice. For dessert, the passengers will be treated to palada pradhaman, which is a delicious rice pudding, along with parippu payasam, a dal or lentil pudding with coconut. With a menu like this, Emirates will surely touch the hearts of its passengers.

This move is being seen as the airline's sincere commitment to embrace the diversity of its passengers and accommodate them wholeheartedly. A true benchmark in the hospitality industry, an Onam-inspired sadhya meal on the flight will not only make the Keralites traveling via the flight feel special but also help the other passengers learn more about the culture and the food. When the world is becoming a global village, it is only obvious that such open inclusion and celebration will have a positive impact.