Onam 2023:10 Best Parippu Payasam Places In Kochi ByCity Foodies
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Onam, the annual harvest festival celebrated across Kerala is a marker of bountiful, lush green fields brimming with ripe crops and local and seasonal produce that is used to cook delicious repasts for the festive meal, the Onam Sadhya. Indeed fit for a king, the Sadhya commemorates the rule of the fair and just mythological King Mahabali and includes more than 25 dishes served on a plantain leaf, all to be devoured with our fingers. 

Each of the dishes prepared for the Sadhya make use of fresh foods growing in the region during the monsoon months and are a marker of the nourishing and nutritious properties of seasonal ingredients available in abundance during this period. Of the many sweet and savoury dishes that are part of the Sadhya feast, one of the most delicious preparations is the parippu payasam, or parippu pradhaman, a payasam made from coconut milk and moong dal. 

In Kochi, Onam Sadhya is offered by many restaurants and eateries which serve this delectable dessert that is an integral part of the meal. Still others are hotels and sweet shops which exclusively focus on making different varieties of delicious payasams. This Onam, if you find yourself in Kochi, there will surely be no dearth of restaurants that you can visit to taste the dessert made in ghee and seasoned with the aroma of cardamom powder.  

We have rounded up a list of places, with a little help from foodies who grew up in the city, to help you find yourself a spoonful of the delicious parippu payasam for all your festive sweet cravings! 

1. Vinayaka Caterers — Recommended by Arun Zachariah Jose And Jobin John (@cochinfooddiaries) 

One of the OG places for local cuisine in the city, Vinayaka Caterers is highly recommended especially if you are throwing an Onam feast at home! Their parippu payasam promises to be a sweet treat filled with all the goodness of creamy milk and sweet jaggery infused in moong dal. “Upholding the legacy of the great Anantharaman, Vinayaka Caterers still strives to serve the best payasam in town!,” say Arun and Jobin adding that their palada and parippu payasam are must-haves for Onam celebrations to feel complete in the city. 

Where: TD Sannidhi Road, Jawahar Nagar, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 9 am - 6 pm 

Cost for two: Price on request 

Must try: Parippu payasam, palada payasam 

2. Zaroob Resto-Cafe — Recommended by Minar Majeed (@kochin_food_blogger) 

Minar Majeed is all praises for the Sadya feast that is offered by Zaroob Resto-Cafe during the festive season. Served on a plantain leaf, the Sadya meal is served at affordable rates in this hotel and can be ordered according to suit your appetite! This means, you can either opt for the 17 or 23 dishes option for the Grand Sadya Meal. Of course, the parippu payasam served in the Onam Sadya meal is an absolute must-have! Pre-book to ensure you have a spot at the Sadya table. 

Where: Paruthelipalam, Edappally, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 8 am - 11 pm 

Cost for two: ₹500 

Must try: Parippu payasam, Grand Onam Sadya 

3. Kalavara — Recommended by Jinu Shaibi (@cochin_food_bites_) 

A popular spot in Kochi for all its local, southern Indian fare, this vegetarian dine-in and takeaway spot is a must visit for its payasam during Onam season. The festival is all about gorging on traditional recipes and Kalavara is known for serving sumptuous portions of payasams at “budget-friendly” prices, suggests recommended by Jinu Shaibi. Enjoy payasam along with other sweet treats like halwa, jalebis and ladoos.  

Where: Kalady, Airport Road, Nedumbasseri, Kochi 

Timings: Monday to Thursday & Saturday - 7.45 am - 8.30 pm; Friday - 7.30 am to 8.30 pm; Sunday - 7.45 am - 2 pm 

Cost for two: ₹200 

Must try: Parippu payasam, medium Sadya, Sadya curries 

4. Qawwali Multi Cuisine — Recommended by Minar Majeed (@kochin_food_blogger) 

Kochi’s local food blogger also recommends the Sadya feast at Qawaali for a wholesome, delicious festive meal. Here too, diners must pre-book their Sadya meal to enjoy the Onam feast. The large spread includes delicious parippu payasam among other Sadya delicacies and is a must have during the festival. The Sadya meal is served especially during Onam so be sure to grab a spot quick. 

Where: Mahilalayam Bridge, Aluva, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 12.15 pm - 11.30 pm 

Cost for two: ₹600 

Must try: Special Onam Sadya 

5. Cochin Halwa Centre — Recommended by Evin And Rohith Jude (@cochinfoodsters) 

Located in a bustling part of the city, Cochin Halwa Centre is a well-known spot for serving sweet treats and savoury delights including biryani and kebabs at affordable prices. During Onam, this is also a crowd favourite for its Sadya specials including parippu payasam. The food influencers suggest this simple dine-in and pick up spot as a must-try for their distinct taste and an array of Indian and Arabic flavours.  

Where: Amaravathi Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 8.30 am - 11 pm 

Cost for two: ₹300 

Must try: Chicken biryani, chicken kathi roll, chaat 

6. Bharath Tourist Home — Recommended by (@kochifoodgrapher) 

Known colloquially as BTH, this spot is inseparable from the makings of Kochi and is known for serving some of the most delicious southern Indian thalis in the city. Nearly every food blogger would swear by BTH, recommending it as a favourite for dining during Onam. BTH Sarovaram, as the restaurant is known, is “something every Kochi guy must be aware of,” say the foodies at KochiFoodGrapher. 

Where: Cochin Bypass, Marad, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 8 am - 11 am; 12 pm - 11 pm 

Cost for two: ₹1000 

Must try: Onam Sadya, South Indian Special Meal 

7. Navya Bakers — Recommended by Arun Zachariah Jose And Jobin John (@cochinfooddiaries) 

Another recommendation by the city foodie duo is Navya Bakers, a well-known spot in Kochi for Indian desserts, snacks and sweet treats. Head on to Navya Bakers for a helping of payasam during the festive season and be sure to pick up some crisps and snacks that can go well with your Sadya feast while you visit here! The bakery is known for churning out delicious sweets that you can enjoy in the vibrant sweet shop with a colourful and bright ambience. 

Where: Civil Line Rd, Padivattom, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 9 am - 11.30 pm 

Cost for two: ₹300 

Must try: Parippu payasam, dry cakes, cutlets 

8. Brindhavan Vegetarian Restaurant — Recommended by Evin And Rohith Jude (@cochinfoodsters) 

An iconic part of the city’s fabric, Brindhavan in Kochi is a much sought-after spot for its  mouthwatering southern Indian cuisine, including puttu, dosa and the restaurant’s special lunch meals. The vibrant flavours of all these dishes take on a festive fervour during Onam through the special Sadyas served here at this time. Along with kalan and kootu curry, those ordering Sadya from here can look forward to delicious parippu payasam, avial and palada pradhaman among other dishes. The restaurant also offers take-home payasam packs at affordable rates during the festive season so you can enjoy the dessert along with a hearty home cooked meal.  

Where: Ernakulam Circle, Palarivattom, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 7 am - 10.30 pm 

Cost for two: ₹450 per Sadya pack 

Must try: Parippu payasam, kalan, inji curry 

9. Tellicherry Kitchen — Recommended by Jinu Shaibi (@cochin_food_bites_) 

Tellicherry is yet another popular spot in the city that is known for serving large, tasty portions of Sadya during Onam. Jinu notes that this restaurant’s “special Vishusadya” with as many as “26 delectable dishes” is highly sought-after during the festive season. Moreover, the place has a welcoming ambience and lots of parking space, making it a great spot for family gatherings. The foodie blogger recommends have both, parippu and palada or rice payasam while dining here. 

Where: Madathikunnel Complex, Kaloor, Kadavanthara Road, Kacheripady, Kochi 

Timings: Daily, 8 am - 11 pm 

Cost for two: ₹1000 

Must try: Vishusadya, pothichoru, Kanthari fish 

10. Payasakkada - Taste Trees — Recommended by (@kochifoodgrapher) 

If you want to simply relish the goodness of payasam during Onam, head over to Payasakkada, known for serving some delicious desserts in the city. Along with parippu payasam, you can also try palada and gothambu payasam as well as their fruit puddings. Whatever payasam you crave, Payasakkada has got you covered! 

Where: Palarivattom, Kochi 

Timings: Monday to Saturday - 11 am - 9 pm; Sunday - 11 am - 8.30 pm 

Cost for two: ₹100 

Must try: Palada pradhaman, parippu payasam, elaneer payasam