Onam Sadya: 5 Dishes That Are A Hit With Kids Too
Image Credit: Keral style banana chips, Image Credit: Pexels

The authentic Onam sadya of Kerala is a grand feast in itself. Reflecting the grandeur of this 10-day-long harvest festival of this state, the spread on the platter echoes every emotion. The thoughtful inclusion of every dish that goes on the sadya tickles the most delicate feelings as one gets immersed in relishing it. Sadya also mirrors the sentiment of inclusiveness; it has something to offer people of different ages and food choices. From kids to elders, everyone has a favourite from the platter. While with the dominance of fast-food culture, most children become fussy about the traditional food of Indian regions, Onam sadya plates enough appetising dishes to develop a love for their traditions. 

Let's look at the five most loved foods children drool over as they indulge in Onam sadya. 

Banana chips

Nendran is used to make banana chips. One can cook this plantain variety or consume it as a fruit when ripe. Get some raw nendran, peel it and cut it into rounds with a sharp knife. These slices are deep-fried in coconut oil in a wok made of iron till golden. The final outcome is crispy appetising munchies, hard to resist. 

Uzhunnu Vada

This is another fast-moving item on the sadya spread among kids. These urad dal vadas are also known as medu vada. A delicate balance of crispy outer layer and soft inner makes these vadas irresistibly tempting. A few also like to relish it by dumping it into sambar and enjoying the burst of flavours.

Pazham Pori

Pazham pori, Image Credit: archanaskitchen

Pazham pori, or banana fritters, is next among the most loved dishes among kids. The Nendram Pazham, a ripened plantain, is used to make this traditional fritter. It is a regional fruit that may be found throughout most of Kerala. A sweet batter made of flour is used to coat the banana. Then it is deep-fried until it is crisp and golden brown. Apart from Onam, one can relish it as tea-time or weekend munchies. These mouthwatering banana fritters are equally delicious as a dessert when served with vanilla ice cream. 

Sharkara Upperi 

Shakara varatti, Image Credit: bigbasket

Shakara upperi or varatti of Kerala means sweet banana chips. It is one of the traditional dishes served during Onam Sadya. These chips have a very long shelf life and can last for weeks. But one must store them in an airtight container. Shakara upperi is a favourite among children since it is sweet and flavorful with hints of cumin and ginger powder. Nenthran cubes are deep fried. The jaggery syrup is flavoured with cumin powder, cardamom powder, and dry ginger powder. The deep-fried banana cubes are dunked in the hot jaggery syrup and coated in roasted rice flour.


Papad fry, Image Credit: zestysouthindiankitchen

Deep fried and crispy pappadam occupies a vital place in the Onam sadya platter. Many people crumble it into small pieces and savour it with matta rice, sambar and ghee. Kids often grab these first and keep munching them. It is that savoury dish that gives the taste buds a break from the array of sweet recipes served in sadya.