On A Culinary Trip To The North-East: 5 Foods You Must Try On Your Trip To Arunachal Pradesh
Image Credit: Source: Northeast Foody/Facebook

If we begin listing some of the most scenic places in India, I’m sure Arunachal Pradesh will be one of the top places. The state is one of the Seven Sisters of India, Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with lush green landscapes, a gobsmacking scenic beauty and an array of delicious food. Thanks to a large number of tourists visiting the state, the rich culinary tradition of the state are popular enough to leave the food connoisseurs drooling. Are you planning to visit Arunachal Pradesh any time soon? If you are, here are five delicious dishes that you cannot afford to miss. 

1. Bamboo Shoots

No matter whether it’s boiled vegetables or a delicious pork dish, bamboo shoots are a quintessential ingredient in most dishes of Arunachal Pradesh. The most popular bamboo shoot dish of Arunachal Pradesh is made by marinating bamboo shoots in baking soda and some basic spices and then cooking them till they are tender.  

2. Thukpa

A noodle and soup dish, Thukpa is popular in most parts of North-East India. Believed to have originated from the Arunachal Pradesh by the ‘Monpa’ tribe, Thukpa is a dish enriched with noodles, an assortment of veggies and a clear soup. 

3. Wungwut Ngam

The Indian cousin of fried chicken, Wungwut Ngam is a chicken dish that is made with rice flour. The chicken pieces are marinated in rice flour, some herbs and spices and then deep-fried before serving. 

4. Pehak

Adding to the vast array of chutneys in India, Pehak is a chutney made with fermented soybeans and chilli and is savoured with rice and a meat dish called Lukter. 

5. Pasa

A sinful soup made with raw and fresh fish, Kumbatt leaves, ginger, makat and meat paste, Pasa is widely savoured in Arunachal Pradesh. The soothing drink is a boon considering the cold weather of the state. 

Now is the time to add these delicious dishes to your bucket list if you are planning to visit Arunachal Pradesh. You can also refer to the recipes and try them at home.