Omani Cuisine:4 Delicious Dishes That Will Suit Your Indian Taste
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @whonoms

Omani cuisine is one of the many cuisines globally that finds its sizable influence from other growing nations such as Arab, India, Iran and Africa. Omani cuisine is a prominent member of Khaleeji cuisine, the traditional Arabic cuisine variant shared by the population in Eastern Arabia and the area around the Persian Gulf. The uncommon thing about Omani cuisine is that it varies from region to region, although dishes from all across the country have a staple of vegetables, curry and rice that remain at the core. In their traditional culture, people usually eat a heavy meal in the middle of the day while the dinner always stays light and simple. Omani dishes are an absolute crowd-pleaser, appeasing and sure to make a delightful impact on anyone who tries it out. Considering India helped shape a part of Omani cuisine, the taste of their different groups of dishes is quite appealing for Indians. So here are the top dishes you ought to try.

1. Shuwa

Shuwa is one of the most famous Omani dishes, which is considered a national dish of Oman. It is a slow-cooked dish consisting of chunks of goat, lamb or camel meat marinated in a spicy date paste and then roasted in a special oven.

2. Kabsa

Kabsa is a mixed rice dish that has a unique style of preparation. This one-pot dish is cooked in the same water in which chicken or meat is cooked in, which is flavoured with saffron, cinnamon, and bay leaves.  

3. Kahwa

Who hasn't heard of kahwa, right? Kahwa is an Arabic word which means coffee. Omani coffee served with dates and halwa to welcome their guests as a symbol of hospitality and warmth. You should have a cup of kahwa this winter season.

4. Harees

Harees is a type of porridge which is a dish of boiled, cracked or coarsely ground wheat mixed with chicken and cooked until it forms a thick paste. This dish is served with loads of ghee and traditionally eaten with fingers.