Food always takes centre stage in any wedding. Perhaps this is why much attention is paid to the menu and who will prepare it. Not only this, these days, everyone is looking for a good mix of dishes from the menu that includes a variety from all states. So, are you thinking of having similar food items at home at your wedding? Maybe you can include some unique, offbeat dishes from starters, the main course, and desserts. So, it's time to make your wedding food menu memorable by adding some offbeat food items.

Baked Rasgulla

The wedding menu is incomplete until sweets are included in it. Usually, at weddings, you will taste many desserts like gulab jamun, moong dal halwa, gajar ka halwa, shahi tukda etc. But if you want to include some unique items, make baked rasgullas a part of your wedding dessert menu. This is an excellent dessert for winter weddings, as it is prepared with the help of jaggery.


Have you included various Indian and Chinese food items in the wedding menu? Then, of course, you can add sushi if you want to give a great twist to your wedding menu. This prevalent dish of Japan will surely grab the attention of all the guests at your wedding function. Moreover, many guests may try this for the first time at your wedding.

Finger Food Buckets

The wedding menu begins with the starters. So, have you included everything from spring rolls to french fries on the wedding food items? Of course, you can also add finger food buckets apart from this. In this, you can give a variety to the food in the starters.


Do you want the wedding to be memorable? Then it's time to include macaroons on the wedding menu. Kids will love macaroons in the dessert section, and you can make your wedding menu different with its help.

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