Off-Duty Chef Kunal Kapur Picks His Go-To Delhi Spots

Where do chefs eat when they clock out? In our special series, Off-Duty Chef, we ask some of the most popular chefs about their favourite food spots in and around their cities. From their go-to street food haunts and their childhood favourites to their work lunches and post-work hangs, the series will offer you a glimpse of where your favourite chefs eat, drink and hang out when they’re not feeding others!

No one appreciates the joys of a homecooked meal than Chef Kunal Kapur; however, every now and then the chef will step out to grab a bite and explore the culinary gems of his city, Delhi. The chef's own Indian tapas restaurant and bar Quarter Plate in Noida's Sector 98 has received rave reviews and the chef loves exploring every corner of Delhi to find bites worth discovery.

"With each passing year, Delhi is maturing in its offerings. There are more and more regional specialities that one finds in Delhi (much like the multicultural Delhi crowd). On the one hand, the restaurants have evolved with some very unique concepts and on the other hand the street food is getting fascinating with young couples setting up honest shops selling fresh pastries to vada pav and much more," he tells us. Chef Kapur took some time out to share some of his go-to Delhi food spots which he frequents on his days off.

Favourite breakfast spot(s) in Delhi

Sarvana Bhawan & Amour Bistro

Your restaurant Pincode has a focus on modern and progressive Indian cuisine. Do you have any favourite restaurants in Delhi which excel in contemporary Indian cuisine?

I like Soya, Indian Accent and Rooh

Your go-to cafes or your favourite tea spots in Delhi and why you like them

I enjoy tea at Jump thela simply because they get the kind of tea I like. And of course, the ambience Is rustic and toned down. The simplicity of the place is what I like. And there is Mr. Chai which has a great selection of tea with some amazing snacks to go along.

Your favourite dessert spots in Delhi and why do you like them?

I quite like the Yellow Brick Road for the classic desserts they do, simply because I have been going there ever since I started working so there is a sense of nostalgia for me each time I am there. Again Paul and Big Chilli both do amazing desserts.

Where are you most likely to go for a Sunday lunch?

Most Sunday lunches for me are me cooking at home for myself.

Do you enjoy kebabs? Do you have any favourite kebab spots in Delhi?

I love them! There is Rajinder da Dhaba, a spot in Kirti Nagar furniture market and Alkauser in Chanakyapuri

Which street food spots do you frequent the most in Delhi and why?

I have a soft spot for old Delhi and Karol Bagh when it comes to street foods in delhi. There is just that extra topping of old world charm that makes the food experience better here. Then again in old Delhi, you would have very old shops that specialize in one dish alone.