Oatmeal To Congee: 7 Different Types Of Porridge To Try
Image Credit: Unsplash

Most of us start our day with a hot bowl of porridge. It is a straightforward preparation that doesn't take long to prepare and packs great flavour and nutrition in one single bowl. It is usually loaded with fibre since it is prepared by cooking grains in either milk, water, or a combination of both.

A porridge is easy and quick to prepare, satisfying, highly customisable, and simply flavorful. Everything that you want in a breakfast is found in a bowl of porridge. But did you know there are different types of porridge that are prepared around the world? From the famous oatmeal to the beloved Asian staple congee, there's something for everyone.


Arguably the most common and popular type of porridge that is consumed by people all over the world, not by only a specific demographic. Oatmeal is generally eaten for breakfast and is highly customisable with multiple variations of the porridge have surfaced over time. You can turn it vegan using nut milk instead of traditional milk.

You can elevate it further using maple syrup, nuts, dry fruits, berries, fruits, and more. It is a simple preparation that provides you with carbs, fibre, and many other vitamins and minerals.


Harissa is a speciality of Armenian cuisine and it is made by using roasted wheat which is called 'korkot.' Many variations of the porridge also include chicken and lamb in it. It is prepared by continuously stirring when it is being cooked or when it is half-cooked, both are common methods of cooking harissa. The wheat or korkot is cooked with butter, meat, and seasonings.

Hasty Pudding

A hasty pudding is a British creation that was invented in the 16th century. The porridge is prepared by cooking cornmeal or wheat flour in water, milk, or a combination of both until the pudding or porridge reaches the desired creamy consistency. The interesting part is that it was initially consumed more as a dessert but as time went on, it slowly turned into more of a porridge and is now consumed as the same widely.


Korea takes the credit for creating this delicious porridge. Juk is very popular in Korea and is a dish that is loved by people of all ages, from kids to adults. The word 'juk' refers to 'porridge' in Korean and there are many variations of juk. The most traditional and popular juk is known as Ssaljuk which is prepared from rice and is often enjoyed with salted seafood known as jeotgal and also kimchi.


This is a very distinct variety of porridge mainly due to its savoury and sour flavour. Hapanvelli is made by using rye sourdough starter, potatoes, and peas and is a speciality of Southeastern Finland.

The porridge is highly valued during the summer season in the Virolahti Week and is enjoyed with cold butter and milk.

Quinoa Porridge

A common porridge that is prepared using quinoa with milk or water until the porridge has reached the desired consistency. It is a healthy dish and in fact, one of the healthiest. It is usually topped with honey, fruits, berries, and maple syrup to add some flavour and texture to the porridge and is a great porridge for breakfast.


A Chinese cuisine speciality, congee is a popular staple of Asian cuisine. Congee is also known as jook, rice gruel, and khao tom moo. It is a delicate dish that is often enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also as a side dish. It is highly valued for its versatility.

Congee is commonly served with salted fried crullers which is known as youtiao by the Chinese people.