Oaksmith; A Whisky That Echoes Finesse, Harmonious Blend And Impeccable Japanese Craftsmanship
Image Credit: Oaksmith gold premium whisky/Pic- Oaksmith

Liquid gold or whisky as it is fondly called is almost ruling the world, the whisky collectors are always in look out for something fancy to tickle their senses. Not to miss that whisky has always been in the robust category. Whisky surely is seeing growing popularity as premium whisky is making huge strides For the Indian market it sees two blends that were unveiled in 2019 – Oaksmith Gold and Oaksmith International.

And one name that is a great example of finesse, harmonious blend and impeccable Japanese craftsmanship is a bottle of Oaksmith. The unique harmonious blend that one gets to see in a bottle is a result of a unique global collaboration, bringing together the best from of 3 continents - Scotland, the USA and impeccable craftsmanship of Japan. This delicate blend is crafted by globally recognized blenders, who have created some of the world’s most awarded whiskies. As a result, the taste is rich, smooth and uniquely international. The aged scotch malts from Scotland, that has been carefully crafted. These carefully selected Scotch whiskies are known for honeyed sweetness, creamy textures and as much character as their home the highlands of Scotland.

Crafted by none other than world renowned and revered Shinji Fukuyo - Chief Blender at Suntory, Founding House of Japanese Whisky, and creator of celebrated Japanese spirits Yamazaki and Hibiki, this one is a perfect example finest craftsmanship of Japan, Oaksmith® Gold is the premium most expression of brand Oaksmith®, blending the best of 3 continents - Aged Scotch Malts from Scotland, Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon from USA.

The brand gets its name – Oaksmith as a tribute to this craftsmanship, and the fine oak casks that Beam Suntory’s whiskies are aged in. From seed to sip, Oaksmith Gold is gentle on the nose and strikes a balance between the oak’s woodiness with notes of rich fruity sweetness giving it a clean and smooth finish. 

Shinji Fukuyo in his words say “"I travelled across India to understand the different food cultures and flavours. Eventually what I saw, heard and tasted, helped me explore a variety of flavour profiles and finalise this harmonious blend. I am extremely proud as the final product completely reimagines what the future of Indian whisky can be.".

Though adding flavors might be a common practice, but not for Oaksmith as all blends of Oaksmith sees no artificial flavors, as purity and authenticity are cornerstones of the brand and traditional Japanese blending techniques. And yes you can clearly say that the this bottle sees the highest quality Scotch malts and Bourbon that are imported from distilleries – some over 200 years old - of Beam Suntory around the world, to be blended into the exceptional recipes of Oaksmith. It’s nothing short of real gold. Apart from being Inspired by world class Japanese blending techniques, It also inspires the round cask label, based on aerial view of an oak cask.

With an appearance that is Intense Rich Gold, with Rich, fruity and sweet top notes, followed by a hint of smoke (peat) on the nose, this one is Mild but full-body, woodiness originating from aging in oak casks on the palate. With every minute details being take  care even the pack graphics and colourways have been put perfectly in place. influenced by contemporary whisky packaging from both sides of the Atlantic. While iconic round label, modern styling and uncharacteristic color palette anchors visual imagery in international aesthetic, a beautifully crafted, bespoke, bottle structure, with hexagonal footprint, tall neck and bevelled edges, gives away the Japanese connection. Together, they reflect the Oaksmith® brand philosophy of ‘standing tall’ with high quality, integrity and international standards. An uncharacteristic color palette anchors the visual imagery of the brand with a beautifully crafted bottle with hexagonal footprint, tall neck and beveled edges. Visual imagery is influenced by contemporary whisky worlds from both sides of Japan while the typography epitomizes clean lines of contemporary Japan. They reflect the Oaksmith® brand philosophy of ‘standing tall’ with high quality, integrity and international standards.

Oaksmith being a premium product and is placed at an affordable price for connoisseurs and beginners alike. These fantastically priced spirits will surely change the drinking game.