NZ Cricketer Rachin R Skips Idli & Dosa At Grandparents’ Place

The Men’s Cricket World Cup has given rise to cricket fever, and every sports enthusiast is following the game. Apart from the scores, wickets, and other match information, the diet and favourite foods of the players are also a major part of the discussion among cricket lovers. Recently, New Zealand's rising cricket star, Rachin Ravindra, made headlines for his excellent performance in the ongoing tournament. 

On November 9, NZ hammered Sri Lanka’s team in match 41 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. After the outstanding win, the 23-year-old cricketer took some time off and paid a visit to his grandparents in Bangalore. However, due to strict nutritional guidelines, he was not able to enjoy his favourite South Indian delicacies, idli and dosa. 

Both of these dishes are the classics of South Indian cuisine. Prepared with rice-lentil batter, idli and dosa are not only famous in India but are also loved in other parts of the world as well. Idli is a type of savoury cake that is made by steaming, while dosa is a crepe that is thin and crispy. Both of them go well with sambar and chutney. 

Rachin's grandparents, Balakrishna Adiga and his wife, were delighted to spend some quality time with their grandson but were a little disappointed as well. This is because they could not see Rachin relishing his favourite South Indian dishes due to the team's dietary restrictions. Both his grandparents are avid supporters of Rachin’s cricket, and they are proud of his performance in the ongoing World Cup. 

They congratulated the cricketer for his exceptional achievement, and grandfather Balakrishna Adiga shared with The Telegraph that Rachin's commitment to cricket and his career are admirable. During his visit, the diet of the cricket players was revealed. The team management strictly controls their nutrition, and the meals primarily consist of boiled vegetables, meat, and eggs.  

A social media pages also shared a heartwarming video featuring the young Kiwi cricket hero and his grandmother, following the Desi tradition of "Nazar Utaarna”. The video was posted on X (formerly Twitter), with the caption “He's NZ player Rachin Ravindra, his grand mom doing some "Nazar utarna" and other religious/cultural activities. He looks so impressed and interested." It showcased the deep connection he has with his culture, despite having global recognition. Here is the video. Take a look.