NRAI Report Lists Indian Snacks & Mughlai Food As Top Choices For Delhiites
Image Credit: Club Mahindra

Releasing the fifth edition of the Indian Food Services report of 2024, the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) shared insights into the analysis shared by stakeholders in the food service industry as well as consumers. Among the highlights were concluding results which put Indian snacks and Mughlai food as the top consumer option for diners in Delhi, whereas Italian food ranked high for those who preferred to order in. In addition to this, Delhi diners also chose quick service restaurants as a top option for family-style dining experiences, while also stating that an approximate 32% of Delhiites preferred dining out more frequently in the post-pandemic climate.

The report – which offers an in-depth study of dining trends, sustainability efforts, operational models and practices, noted that despite the setback occurring due to the pandemic, the service industry has experienced considerable growth and expansion by employing over 85.5 lakh people who contribute a total revenue of ₹33,809 crores to the Indian exchequer. A major contributor to this rise has been the replacement of home-cooked meals with food deliveries, given the increasing amount of Indians who have been relocating to urban areas in search of better work opportunities leaving them with little time to prepare meals.

The IFS 2024 report has also been considered to benefit restaurant and business owners in studying consumer patterns and key business drivers which might give them a revenue boost. With the aim to let central and state governments within the country recognise the food service industry as one that will become more prominent over the next few years due to rapid urbanisation, higher disposable incomes and wider exposure, the report also states that consumers are now on the lookout for high quality and fine dining experiences more than ever before.

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With Delhi-NCR considered to be the second largest market for food services across the country among 21 other cities, the report further stated that diners spent an average of ₹1,165 per meal while dining out. Preferring to eat non home-cooked meals at least 8.96 times a month, the average frequency of dining out remained at 4.1 times and ordering in at 4.86 times during the same period. Making suggestions to the government in order to facilitate the growth of the services industry, the report also suggested reducing the number of licenses needed to operate food businesses as well as extending operation timings and introducing single license window systems.