Not Yet Tried Profee? This Protein Coffee Is Trending

On social media, a new trend is beginning to emerge. It's called "proffee," and the social media network has already had around 10 million views of the hashtag #proffee. However, according to nutritionists, it can actually be any sort of coffee with protein added. In the social media sphere, where profee has gained popularity, this typically refers to a protein shake poured over a cold brew or iced coffee. 

It appears exciting and delectable in the dramatic slow-motion videos, which conclude with a creamy beverage in a glass jar. Additionally, some social media users vouch for its advantages, including weight loss. Do the health claims, however, support it? Before consuming this beverage intended for social media, you should be aware of the following. 

The most well-known claimed advantages of coffee include increased energy, attention, and performance, more protein, and help with weight loss. However, the opinions of experts on these statements vary. 

Due to the caffeine in coffee, it can boost energy and enhance focus and performance. Caffeine may lengthen the time it takes to reach exhaustion by 12%, according to a small 2017 study that involved seven male participants in a cycling-based exercise test. Another 2016 study involving 12 men found that moderate caffeine consumption before and throughout a round of golf enhanced performance while reducing weariness. Having said that, it's crucial to understand that these tests weren't conducted on actual profee. Black, green, or plain coffee are some other better options for caffeine sources. 

According to a 2019 study, eating more protein may improve longevity and metabolic health. Although most people can obtain enough protein from food, the protein in smoothies can help with protein intake. A superior source of protein is food. The healthiest sources of protein include entire foods like shellfish, lean meat, beans, eggs, and milk. All of the benefits can be obtained by eating a balanced diet. Protein shakes may contain extra sugars or poor-quality, processed proteins that fall short of the natural proteins found in foods, which contributes to the problem. 

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of profee is weight loss. According to experts, profee is not a magic beverage for losing weight. Nevertheless, some research indicates that protein and caffeine may help some people maintain their weight. For instance, a 2019 meta-analysis of 12 research found that consuming coffee decreased body fat, particularly in participants who were men. A 2020 study found that it might help women with body fat reduction. 

A high-protein diet could be a helpful strategy for weight loss and preventing obesity, according to a 2020 study. However, research on coffee itself is limited. The protein coffee by itself cannot assure someone that they will lose weight. Protein and caffeine benefits from the beverage can be reduced by adding high-fat milk, creamers, and sugary syrups. 

Here is the recipe 


Protein powder 

Water for the protein shake 

Coffee of your choice 

Ice cubes 

Coffee syrup (optional) 


Prepare your coffee first. With a whisk, combine the protein powder and water in a bowl. Your protein shake can also be made in a shaker. You can omit the steps for preparing a protein shake if you prefer to make this recipe with a ready-to-drink protein shake. Fill your cup with ice cubes. As many ice cubes as you'd want to use. It's preferable to sip your coffee cool. In your cup of ice cubes, pour the protein drink. Add your preferred coffee syrup to the cup at this point. Stir your protein coffee to include all the tastes. 

Your coffee is now ready for consumption! This protein coffee can be consumed either before or after working out.