Not-So-Boring Cauliflower Recipes For The Weekday Dinner Table
Image Credit: Clean Eating Mag

The cauliflower is a highly celebrated vegetable in most parts of the world for its nutrient-dense properties as well as being low on calories, which is preferred by those who want to watch their weight. It has taken over as the number one replacement for meat in most dishes and is served in one too many forms, across restaurants everywhere. From cauliflower steaks to cauliflower rice, the humble vegetable is making waves across social media. We came up with a list of four crowd-pleasing recipes that make for the best dinners, irrespective of whether you’re flying solo or eating with family. 

Gobhi 65

Image Credits: Gomathi Recipes

Perhaps the most popular variation of the chicken 65 that is a mass favourite in India, this cauliflower recipe scores high on the taste meter. You could eat this as a snack or toss it in a sauce and pair it with some fried rice or noodles, to make a delicious Indo-Chinese meal for dinner. Make a healthy-ish gobhi 65 salad with these fried cauliflower florets and combine with vegetables like carrots, baby spinach, spring onions and bell peppers, for a light packed lunch option; or simply enjoy a few of these with a glass of cold beer, as it is.

Find a recipe here.

Korean Fried Cauliflower

Image Credits: Chez Jorge

This ultra-crispy, vegetarian KFC is one of the most favoured dishes in South Asian countries. The recipe for this fried cauliflower can be tweaked to make it entirely vegan and is tossed in gochujang, a Koren red pepper paste. Topping it off with crunchy white sesame seeds and spooning it on top off a bowl of rice and some slices of cucumber on the side, you have yourself an Oriental meal within a matter of minutes.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Image Credits: Allrecipes

If you’ve ever enjoyed a plate of fried chicken wings with a tangy-spicy sauce, simply replace the chicken with cauliflower instead. While we’re aware that there isn’t ever going to be a serious replacement for chicken wings, the florets of cauliflower get super crisy on the outside and juicy on the inside, just like chicken does, when cooked on the bone. Apart from being a great accompaniment to a football-watching party or even to stuff between two pieces of brioche bread to make a fried cauliflower burger, buffalo cauliflower is best eaten when you get your hands dirty.

Cauliflower Tots

Unlike regular tater tots, cauliflower tots are a healthier option if you’re watching your weight and want to be gluten and grain-free. With a boost of protein from the cheese packed between nuggets of ground cauliflower, these tots can be deep fried or air fried, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Gloriously crispy and savoury, these tots have a fluffy, almost pureed texture on the inside and a good crunch on the outside.