There’s just something about indulging in the rich, creamy and absolutely flavourful bowl of Butter Chicken, that it certainly has won over foodies around the world. While it may have had a humble beginning wherein a dhaba owner simply tossed in the leftover tandoori chicken chunks into a gravy of tomatoes, butter, cream and spices, in a bid to reuse the chicken – the simple dish has gone on to garner a mega popularity. If you are lucky to be living in north India, especially n Delhi or Punjab, chances are that most of the restaurants you have around will be serving amazing Butter Chicken. But if you are in Mumbai and craving a bowl of sumptuous bowl of the chicken curry, you may struggle to find a good one. But don’t worry, whether you are a north Indian craving it or a Mumbaikar just wanting to have a taste of it, we’ve got your back.  

Here are five amazing places in Mumbai where you can get semi spicy, creamy, juicy and mouth-watering butter chicken.  

1. Goila Butter Chicken 

Seems like celebrity chef Saransh Goila has made it his life’s purpose to feed Butter Chicken to everry hungry soul in Mumbai. Goila Butter Chicken serves up some drool-worthy butter chicken that focussed on the tiniest of details including the ingredients such as hung curd, Kashmiri red chilllies and the balance of it all in the gravy. Their special Butter Chicken Thali serving a portion of Goila butter chicken, dal, rice, rumali roti and salad, is unmissable.


2. Pritam Da Dhaba 

It may look like a roadside dhaba, but you’ll be surprised with its rustic style ambiance and decor the moment you walk in. With Khatiyas laid al around its non-AC section, it sets the mood perfect for endless servings of butter chicken.


3. Butter Chickenwala 

Can a name with the dish in the name itself do it wrong? It may but Butter Chickenwala does full justice to it. With the softest morsels of Tandoori Chicken cooked in a rich creamy and buttery gravy made with freshest of tomatoes, the dish here is no less than a delight. 

4. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar 

With a gravy as close as it can be to the original with minimal ingredients, the butter chicken at Jaffer Bhai’s boast of subtle balance of tanginess and a velvety texture. The menu goes beyond- with chicken tandoori, malai kebabs and succulent Mughlai kebabs, you can always compliment your meal of butter chicken with a range of snacks and appetisers.


5. Butter Chicken Factory 

What’s there to not love about a place with that name? From Boneless Butter Chicken to the one with bone, butter chicken factory isn’t going to disappoint while dishing out one of the most authentic butter chickens in the city.