Here Are 8 Low-Calorie Options To Eat At Your Desk

On busy weekdays with back-to-back calls and meetings, there is very little time to sit down to a proper lunch and have a full and nourishing meal. The risk of skipping lunch altogether is too high with a full calendar. But skipping this important meal can have an adverse impact on sugar levels and lead to hypoglycaemia. The irritability and hunger pangs that follow this condition are all too real! When you turn 'hangry' after skipping lunch, not only will it impact energy levels but it will also affect the productivity of work in the latter half of the day.

For those afternoons when a sit-down lunch is hardly probable, stepping out for a working lunch with a colleague or grabbing a bite at your desk are the best means to take in the nutrients required to maintain your health. When you step out for a lunch meeting, it is important to stay alert during the meal and fill up your stomach without inducing sleep to keep on working through the day. At such times, a low-calorie meal is a handy alternative to keep up energy levels and prevent digestive processes from slowing you down or inducing a hankering for an afternoon siesta! Read on below for some low-calorie meal options that can be enjoyed during a working lunch:

Oats Khichdi

Easy to make at home and pack in a tiffin, oats khichdi is a quick fix for your lunch problems. If you cannot make it to the office canteen, pack warm oats khichdi in a casserole and savour it at your desk. You can also pack some pickle for adding a bit of tang to the dish.

Mix Sprouts Salad and Lentil Soup

If you are trying to shed those excess kilos, do away with carbs altogether and go for a protein-packed lunch that includes a mix sprouts salad made from moong, matki, beans, chana and more. Pair this with a lentil soup, preferably masoor or tur dal, to avoid your meal from becoming too dry.

Matki Rice

Another protein-rich recipe that is easy to make at home and to gorge on while sitting at your desk, matki rice has moderate proportions of carbs and protein which will give you the energy required to power through your busy workload. Matki rice can be made in the pressure cooker by adding rice and sprouts to a spicy tempering and steaming them until perfectly cooked.

Paneer And Vegetable Roll

If you are heading out to lunch with a colleague to discuss work, opt for something light and fresh, like a paneer and veggie salad roll. Rich in fibre and protein, this dish will fill you up without feeling overstuffed. The light salad in the roll will also provide the body with a good amount of dietary fibre. Have only one roll to keep your meal light!

Nachni Roti And Chutney

Red millet or nachni roti is extremely nourishing, filled with minerals and vitamins that strengthen the body. Nachni is often recommended for those with low iron levels. Bring to office a roll of nachni roti with sesame or javas chutney and ghee. Nachni is a good source of complex carbohydrates that will give the body loads of energy without causing a rapid increase in sugar levels.

Rasam Rice

While there is a singular pleasure in gorging on rasam rice from a plate, it is just as easy to bring in rasam rice in a tiffin and savour it at your desk. If you want an even more low-calorie option, substitute the rice with some sweet potato chunks or simply do away with carbs and sip on warm rasam paired with fresh salad.

Pumpkin Soup And Toast

Turn a dinner dish into a lunch meal by warming up some pumpkin soup and carrying it to office. Pumpkin has many health benefits, including being a rich source of beta carotene which absorbs into the body to boost vision, immune system and overall growth. The vegetable is also an excellent option for those trying to lose excess fat. Pair the soup with a piece of toast if you want a carb option.

Boiled Egg And Chickpeas Salad

A power-packed protein meal, this is a very healthy lunch option on busy working days. Have a boiled egg and pair it with chickpeas salad or any veggie salad to up your protein and fibre intake. The egg will also induce a feeling of satiety and reduce sweet cravings and overeating. Chickpeas salad can be substituted with dal or a legume curry to pack a bit of spice in the meal.