Amp Up Your No-Sugar Lifestyle With Stevia-Based Food And Beverages
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Added sugar has infiltrated nearly every facet of our life. It is not easy to avoid sugar if you want to live your everyday life. Nowadays, people are pretty aware of the harmful consequences of added sugar. But the alternatives are not yet very accessible. People who use chemical-based No Sugar Tablets have also started realizing that those too have harmful side effects. These sweetener tablets are made from chemicals like Sucralose, Aspartame, Maltitol, Maltodextrin, and a dozen more are chemically produced in labs. 

You can switch to the King Of All Sweeteners - Stevia Plant to tackle this issue. Stevia is an excellent zero-calorie natural substitute for table sugar. Stevia Leaf Extract is genuine and  300 times sweeter than table sugar with zero calories and zero glycemic indexes. It is also known as Candyleaf and Meethi Tulsi. The stevia plant is aboriginal to South America. Some 1,500 years ago, stevia was first consumed by the indigenous people of South America as a sweetening agent in their traditional caffeine drink. It gained fame at the beginning of the 21st century. In 1970, Japan was the first country to use stevia commercially. And today, stevia is used in about 40% of sweetened products in Japan and Korea.

Stevia Powder For Sharbat

Stevia powder can be used with coffee, turmeric milk, halwa, milk, sharbat, kheer etc. For example, only half a teaspoon (2 gm) of stevia powder is adequate to sweeten a cup of coffee. Each gram of stevia powder is sugar-free and do not affect the blood sugar level, and they are safe for people with diabetes and older adults. You'll undergo a unique flavour of herbal sweetness by adding stevia powder to your meals. It will also enhance the flavour of other ingredients added to your recipe.

Stevia Sachets For Tea And Coffee

Stevia sachets come in small-sized packets like sugar sachets you have seen in cafes consisting of the same ingredients as stevia powder with added natural flavours for your taste buds. One teaspoon of sugar equals one sachet of stevia leaf powder, which is enough to sweeten up your tea or coffee. In addition, these herbal sachets come with zero preservatives. With no artificial sweeteners in the packets, stevia sachets are purely fresh-tasting sweeteners with no ill effects.

Perfect Sweets

With the richness of natural plant fibres, this product is healthy for your gut bacteria. A 400 gm of stevia is enough to prepare 1.25 kg mithai. With no adverse effect on blood sugar levels, it is healthy for diabetic patients.

Other natural sugar alternatives are available, such as jaggery, coconut sugar, honey, and date sugar. But they all have some ill effects on our blood glucose level due to high caloric content. Therefore, it is beneficial to switch to stevia-based products to manage a healthy life.

(With inputs from Prathamesh Krisang, Co-Founder of Magicleaf)