10 Bread Dishes With A Classic Indian Twist

While every region in India has its own variety of flatbreads paired splendidly with vegetables, meats, chutneys and pickles, over time, white and brown bread loaves have also become kitchen staples in most households. Bread is bought and in some home kitchens, even baked regularly to be had for breakfast as toast or plain, with eggs, butter, jam, marmalade or honey. 

Through time, bread has also made its way into Indian cuisine as a core ingredient and has been used to concoct recipes that play around with its malleable texture. It is sometimes crispened to make a pakoda, at others, it is roasted for a warm, soft crumble seeped in butter. Some recipes also make use of bread as an outer layer or coating stuffed with potatoes or kheema for a delectable deep-fried indulgence. Square-shaped slices of white and brown bread are now a part of recipes in Indian cuisine that have adjusted spices and condiments to make mouthwatering dishes out of this lightly seasoned carb. Read on below for some snack numbers that use whole wheat or white bread in desi ways:

Bread Upma

Bread upma/poha/chivda is perhaps one of the most popular ways to finish off leftover bread in many southern and western Indian kitchens. It is made in a tempering of mustard, curry leaves, turmeric and chilli powder along with a good helping of chopped onions. Bread upma is a wholesome meal for breakfast, brunch or even as an afternoon snack.

Bread Idli

Idli is popular on its own, but with the addition of ground up slices of bread, the idli batter acquires a whole new layer while remaining just as smooth and beautifully fermented. Served with a tempering of curry leaves, cumin and mustard, bread idli is an ideal breakfast option.

Bread Pakoda

College and school days are incomplete without memories buying bread pakoda from the nearest shop cart and gorging on slices of bread coated in deep-fried besan batter, with a bite of spicy, salty fried green chillies. Bread pakodas are a very popular snack to quench afternoon hunger pangs, but be sure to have them in moderate proportions!

Masala Toast

If one stops by any of the khaugallis outside Mumbai's offices and corporate complexes, one is sure to find a huge crowd around the sandwich guy churning out mountains of masala toast every day. Potato subzi stuffed into bread slices coated generously in butter before toasting them, the masala toast is a signature sandwich that celebrates the comforting pairing of potatoes and bread.

Bread Roll

Another deep-fried goodie made from potatoes and bread, this one involves making a mild stuffing of potatoes mixed with ginger, garlic and chilli paste. Cutting off its crusts, bread is moistened using a bit of water and potato stuffing is added to it before rolling the bread into cylindrical shapes that are deep fried until golden brown. Bread roll is a thoroughly heavy cheat meal, best had sparingly!

Bread Dosa

Just like idli, bread dosa is another way of incorporating bread into southern Indian recipes. Dosa batter is made using ground slices of bread and some yoghurt which is then fermented using cooking soda. Bread batter is spread on the pan for a tender dosa with crispy edges that can be enjoyed with coconut chutney.

Bread Pizza

A slice of bread topped with cheese, veggies, paneer and even chicken, this Indian twist mimics the classic pizza on an open toast. Bread pizza can be made in the oven or toasted on a pan, but either way, it is a clear favourite snack item that uses a fresh loaf of bread and readily available kitchen supplies like tomato sauce, cheese and some chopped vegetables flavoured with oregano, chilli flakes and pepper to quench pizza cravings.

Bread Ka Meetha

Sweetened bread is a delicious dish to satisfy dessert and bread cravings together and makes perfect use of fried bread that nicely compliments the saffron and rose flavoured milk in which it is dipped. The firm structure of the fried bread goes very well with this sweetened milk and chunks of dry fruit that are an explosion of royal flavours in the mouth.

Bread Halwa

Bread crumbs, milk, sugar and ghee come together in a delicious mix in this simple recipe which uses leftover bread for whipping up this quick dessert. Enjoyed as an afternoon snack or even as a sweet dish in a meal, bread halwa is a favourite dessert in most Indian households. Top it with dry fruits and cream to make it even more luxurious and indulgent.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bread and chocolate make a wonderful pair. Along with chocolate sandwich, another tasty sweet bread recipe is the chocolate bread pudding, which is basically loaded with cream, condensed milk and cocoa. This is in fact a western import, yet it is infused with Indian twists such as the addition of spices like cinnamon, cardamom and instead of baking, making use of fried bread topped with raisins, almonds, cashews and chocolate milk.