Nia Sharma Indulges In Authentic Assamese Food
Image Credit: Nia Sharma Instagram & Freepik

Nia Sharma is a popular name in the Hindi television industry. Not only has the actor worked in famous TV shows like ‘Ek Hazaron Main Meri Behna Hai’, ‘Naagin’, and more, but she is also known as a fashionista and travel enthusiast. She often shares reels and images from her workout sessions at parties where she indulges in scrumptious food and refreshing beverages.

Recently, the actor shared a reel and a few images from her visit to Nilachal Hills, Assam. This destination is known as the site of the holy Kamakhya Temple, where many Hindus go to seek the blessings of the Goddess Shakti or Kamakhya every year. On her visit to the temple, Nia Sharma, like any other tourist, had a few stops on her way so that she could relish the best foods and beverages of Assam

Nia Sharma Relished Assamese Tea

Donning a pink kurta set, the actor’s first stop was a tea shop where she could not stop herself from trying a delicious but hot piping cup of Assamese tea. Among various black tea varieties available in Assam, each of them has a distinct flavour. But every cup is known to boost your immunity and help your body fight against seasonal allergies and diseases. 

Most varieties of tea have a bold but brisk flavour that can leave your senses heightened and uplift your mood in the morning. Tea is also known to improve your gut health by promoting the gut flora that helps to regulate your bowel system. Assam is known as the largest tea-producing state in India. Like Nia Sharma, no tourist can resist trying a special cup of tea from the state.

Picture Credit: Nia Sharma/ Instagram

Nia Sharma Indulged In Assamese Food

Among many dishes that the actor indulged in, her plate had Assamese khar, a variety of dal prepared with pulses, vegetables, meat, or fish. It is considered good for the digestive system. It has a special ingredient which is a liquid made by boiling dried and charred banana peels. It is strained and added to the dal while preparing it. Every tribal family in Assam has a variation of this dish, and it is enjoyed with steamed rice.

Next on the list was saag made with all the seasonal green vegetables. A unique thing to observe was that the dish was served with boiled eggs. The spread looked delicious with curries served with boiled eggs and traditional Assamese side dishes, including pickle.