New York City’s Top 10 South Indian Restaurants To Visit
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New York City is known for its vibrant and diverse restaurant culture and considered to be one of the culinary capitals of the world.  NYC's restaurant scene is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of cuisines from around the world. From authentic Italian and Chinese food to Ethiopian, Indian and Peruvian cuisine, the diversity in food also reflects the city's multicultural population. In addition to high-end dining, NYC is also famous for its street food culture. Food trucks and street vendors offer a variety of affordable and delicious options, from hot dogs and pretzels to gourmet tacos and falafel.

New York City also attracts some of the world's top chefs, to cook at establishments that offer unique culinary experiences. It is also a city that is at the forefront of food trends, whether it's new-age fusion cuisine, innovative food concepts or dietary trends like plant-based and farm-to-table dining. Each neighbourhood in NYC has its own unique dining scene, with a distinct character and selection of restaurants. Whether you're in the trendy neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, the bustling streets of Manhattan or the diverse enclaves of Queens, a wide range of culinary options await anyone who is hungry for a good meal.

With a large Indian diaspora that inhabits the bustling city, craving food that reminds one of home is only natural. Be it buttery kulchas or smoky tandoori chicken to a crisp, ghee-laden dosa, Indian food has managed to carve a position for itself as one of the revered cuisines in the city. South Indian food, particularly, has garnered its own fan following and with the creative culinary scene in NYC blowing up, we’ve rounded up a list of must-visit restaurants for their standard as well as fusion South Indian food.

Dosa Royale

Known for its delicious blend of all kinds of South Indian cuisines, the menu at Dosa Royale meanders from a chickpea sundal to chicken Chettinad made in the most contemporary way, but preserving the essence of good ol’ home-cooking. Make sure to place an order for the eggplant kulambu and enjoy with rice, while visiting.

Location: 258 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

Timings: Daily, 11am-9.30pm                 

Saravana Bhavan

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An iconic Indian chain restaurant which has grown to become equally popular in the United States, Saravana Bhavan is an institution in South Indian food. From piping hot filter coffee served in little steel tumblers to a wide variety of dosas and uttapams to pick from, they also offer a mini tiffin option of a combo meal featuring various South Indian specialties like idli, vada, pongal and dosa.

Location: 81 Lexington Ave, New York

Timings: Daily, 9am-10pm          


Named after the popular harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, Pongal specialises in authentic vegetarian food from South India. Along with the usual suspects, they also have vegan variations of dishes, a wide range of chaat plates and thalis to choose from.

Location: 110 Lexington Ave, New York

Timings: Daily, 12pm-10pm       

Anjappar Indian Cuisine

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Specialising in authentic and fiery Chettinad cuisine, expect to gorge on the classics – mutton biryani, Malabar parotta and Chettinadu Mutton Curry. They also offer a special biryni option made with the jeeraga samba rice – a locally cultivated short grain rice variety in Tamil Nadu.

Location: 116 Lexington Ave, New York

Timings: Closed Monday, 12pm-10.30pm

Temple Canteen

Apart from the usual variety of idlis, dosas and uttapams, Temple Canteen also offers a diverse range of simple and homely South Indian meals of vegetarian dishes like kootu, poriyal, sambar and rasam – all mean to be polished off with some rice and followed by a solid afternoon nap!

Location: 143-09 Holly Ave, Queens

Timings: Daily, 8.30am-8.45pm

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Southern Spice

Image Credits: Get Easy Cooking

With a primary focus on the poultry, meat and seafood dishes from the four South Indian states, Southern Spice offers unique dishes like the Nilgiri pork kurma, mashed shark tempered with ginger, curry leaves and mustard on a bagel – for an Indianised version of a tuna sandwich.

Location: 1635 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park

Timings: Daily, 9am-10pm

King of Tandoor

While primarily known for North Indian cuisine, they often offer delicious South Indian dishes like Madras shrimp and a delicious mixed meat biryani. Although unsual, wash down your South Indian feast with a portion of their creamy lassi.

Location: 600 Flatbush Ave #4901, Brooklyn

Timings: Daily, 12pm-10.30pm 

Udipi Café

If you happen to visit Udipi Cafe, don't miss out on getting their Ghee Masala Dosa, filled with spiced potato and cooked in clarified butter (ghee). The crispy textures of the dosa combined with the fluffy potato filling is something that can make any hangover feel like a bad dream. Wash it down with some filter coffee.

Location: 101 Lexington Ave, New York

Timings: Daily, 11.30am-3pm

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Another popular chain of South Indian restaurants that is now popular around the world, Adyar Ananda Bhavan or A2B makes some of the best pongal, keerai vadai, puliogare and delicious king-sized dosas served with an array of colourful chutneys and sambar.

Location: Multiple outlets; 1071 1st Ave, New York

Timings: Daily, 12pm-3pm; 5.30pm-9pm


The brainchild of the folks behind iconic restaurants Dhamaka and Adda - Semma offers what it calls 'a heritage South Indian experience.' This open-for-dinner-only restaurant is known to serve up a mean Dindigul mutton biryani, Chemmeen Moilee and a delicious Lamb Sukka prepared with South Indian spices.

Location: 60 Greenwich Ave, New York

Timings: Closed Monday, 5pm-10pm