New Year 2023 – Here Is The Ultimate Picnic Menu
Image Credit: A picnic spread | Unsplash

New year is the time when everyone wants to celebrate and spend most of their time with family, friends and close ones. And for years, new year picnic traditions have made their way into our family rituals. All the picnic spots in and around the cities are full, buzzing with families who want to celebrate the new year cooking, eating and celebrating at a beautiful, picturesque location.

From deciding the location of the picnic to zeroing down upon a menu, a lot is involved in a successful picnic plan. If you are going with several other people, in a big group, then it can be turned into a potluck picnic as well. But if you want an authentic picnic experience, where the group goes to some spot in the outskirts, on a bus with children playing dumb charades and then cooking food on stoves or woodfire in the nature’s lap, then we are here with the perfect menu for you. 

Sandwiches and boiled eggs for the bus journey

Easily made grilled vegetable sandwiches and boiled eggs, along with bananas can be a great filling breakfast for the group. All of these snacks can be easily eaten in the bus and they will keep you full till your grand picnic feast is ready.


As soon as you reach the picnic spot, there must be some snack to get you started. And what better than pakode or fritters? They are super easy and quick to make and crunchy, hot pakode just put you in the best mood ever!


This one pot dish will save so much of your time. With limited resources, making a quick veg pulao is the best possible option. Add in some fried cashews and peanuts and ghee to make your pulao simple yet delicious.

Mutton Curry

The typical Bengali or East Indian picnics always have a spicy mutton curry in the menu. It is, in fact the highlight of the picnic and all the adults together take hours to make mutton on a large handi. And there is something special about the mutton curry in picnics – it is always way more delicious than the one we prepare at home.

Dum Aloo

Another one pot dish, the small, red potatoes in the winters are apt to make this dum aloo. For the vegetarians in the crowd, this can be a wonderful alternative to the mutton curry. And to save time, you can even use the same masala base for both the mutton and the aloo dum. Add in some green peas to give it a new spin and you have two unique gravies!


For dessert, there is nothing better than the typical Indian dessert kheer. All you have to do is get a couple of people to keep stirring the milk in the midst of enjoying the picnic and you have thick, creamy kheer at the end of your hearty Indian picnic meal!

So, if you are thinking of enjoying your picnic by cooking together in a serene spot, try out this menu. You will have the most fun experience and the most delicious food all at once!