New Study Says Indian Youth Take The Lead In Ordering For Family

Do the millennial and Gen-Z family members take the lead when it comes to ordering takeouts for the family? Your family is not the only one! Turns out desi youngsters are the ones leading the charge when it comes to ordering food for the family. A new report commissioned by Godrej Yummiez, titled ‘STTEM – Safety, Technology, Taste, Ease & Mood Uplifter – The India Snacking Report (Volume I)‘ offered some insight into Indian families’ snacking dynamics. 

According to the report, youths aged between 18 and 30 take the lead in deciding the family’s snacking choice,  constituting 34% of the decision-making process. While 27%, of kids usually take the lead, the adults and the senior citizens stand at 22% and 12% respectively.

“Snacking is an intrinsic part of India’s entity, existence, and future growth story. Especially in the frozen food and snacking category, the importance of standardization and safety is paramount. The potential growth of this sector is exponential due to various changes across social, cultural and economic parameters. The pivotal matrix of STTEM – Safety, Technology, Taste, Ease & Mood Uplifter – will play a key role in a consumer’s decision to consume snacks.,” said Chef Ajay Chopra, who was present at the unveiling of the report.

The report further reveals that the youth in the East have the highest influence in making snacking choices, scoring 40%, followed by youth in the West, who stand at 34%. In the North and South, the youngsters wield an influence of  33% and 32%, respectively. 

‘‘Our India Snacking Report offers valuable insights into snacking trends and highlights the increasing influence of youth in shaping family snacking choices. It’s fascinating to see the significant shift in traditional family dynamics, with youngsters aged 18-30  taking the lead in deciding snacking preferences. This trend reflects the evolving consumer landscape and the growing demand for affordable, convenient, and easy-to-make options, and encourages youths to explore new snacking categories,” said Mohit Marwaha, AVP,  Yummiez, Godrej Tyson Foods Limited (GTFL).

The report also provides city-wise data which showcases the prominence of youth-led snacking decisions across key cities, with Kolkata youths leading at 40%,  followed by Lucknow at 37%, Ahmedabad at 36%, Bangalore at 35%, and Mumbai at 34%. Delhi and Jaipur tie at 32%, while Pune and Chennai stand at 31% and 30%, respectively.