New Report Says 82% Indians Want Traditional Sweets After Meals

Do you crave some creamy rasmalai or some hearty jalebis after dinner? You’re not the only one! A new report has revealed that most Indians prefer indulging in traditional sweets like Rasmalai and Shahi Tukda following their meals. A B2B company called Scandalous Foods released a comprehensive survey report titled ‘Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Indian Sweets: Trends in Post-Meal Consumption Across India,’ aimed to understand dessert preferences among Indian consumers.

The report encompassed responses from over 1,000 consumers and more than 100 restaurants and revealed that 82% of Indians prefer indulging in traditional sweets like Rasmalai and Shahi Tukda following their meals. This preference stands out significantly against other dessert options such as chocolates (25%), ice creams (10%), and western desserts like cakes (20%).

"Our latest survey underscores a clear preference for traditional Indian sweets, which resonates deeply with our heritage and gastronomic traditions. At Scandalous Foods, we are excited to see such enthusiasm for traditional sweets, and we are committed to innovating within this space to meet the evolving tastes of our consumers, including the introduction of healthier and fusion sweets options. Indians appreciate novelty, but they also value familiarity. Therefore, we're prioritizing traditional sweets like mithai sundaes, shahi tukda, jalebi, and rabri,” said Sanket S, the co-founder of Scandalous Foods.

Needless to say, this preference towards desi sweets is particularly prevalent during festival seasons. On special occasions such as festivals, weddings, and corporate events, the general inclination towards traditional Indian sweets intensifies. The survey also revealed a growing curiosity among consumers to explore innovative and fusion variations of traditional sweets.

Consumers are also keen on healthier sweets with a growing demand for desserts that are lower in sugar, utilise healthier ingredients, and cater to specific dietary preferences, including vegan options.