New Hack For Keeping Curry Leaves Fresh For 6 Months Goes Viral
Image Credit: Pixahive

Curry leaves are an ingredient which is widely used in a selection of regional Indian cuisines, add a note of aromatic savouriness which can be hard to replicate with any other herb. While it is found abundantly in its fresh form within the country, sometimes a shortage could lead to a deficit in our kitchens. Moreover, many of us are also faced with the challenge of using up curry leaves before they wilt or dry – thus changing in flavour and being rendered useless. However, an Instagram user, Dhara (@twinsbymyside) decided to share their easy hack that is supposed to maintain their freshness and bright green colour for up to 6 months.

Once the leaves are separated from their stems, a few are added into the craters of an ice tray at a time, before being filled with water and frozen. The ice cubes studded with the leaves are then transferred to a Ziploc bag and dunked in lukewarm water when ready to be used. The resultant effect is the herb maintaining its bright green hue as well as freshness which makes it seem like it was just bought from the grocery store.

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Sharing her own experience of curry leaves perishing quickly in the refrigerator, the social media user also shared that it was difficult for her to find curry leaves in grocery stores during the winters – which grabbed eyeballs of the netizens from countries like the UK, USA and Canada – all of whom applauded her for this smart and efficient kitchen guideline. Would you try this hack at home?