New Café Alert: Ready For A Slice Of Paris In Delhi?

Delhi, you have a new cosy café for your winter dates over coffee, hot chocolate, and pies. With French-style windows, mint green walls and chequered floor tiles, the new Petite Pie Shop outlet that recently opened doors at the Defence Colony Market is all set to whisk you away to Paris, and keep you satiated while at it. The café, maybe a tad compact, but with a menu as vast and wholesome, you don’t mind spending hours at this pleasant café. 

At the helm of culinary affairs is celebrity chef Vanshika Bhatia, who is determined to win Delhi over too, just like she did with her first-ever Petite Pie Shop in Gurgram’s Worldmark. Here’s everything that we tried:  

We started off with the Signature Chicken Pot Pie. It’s the warm minced chicken cooked in red sauce with seasonal vegetables and covered with a flaky puff pastry - making a wholesome meal for one. The seasoned peppers and lettuce on the side are also a great touch. From one cosy dish to another, the homestyle truffle fries are ideal for those who love their starch. These potato wedges are thick, but there is no compromise on the ‘crisp’ factor. Do ask for the signature sour cream dip by Chef Vanshika to dunk these in.

It is the season to indulge and we are not holding back, the next item on our table was the Mac and Cheese. Served in a compact cup, the classic comfort dish is not excessively cheesy, the macaroni is ‘bitey’ and the extra shavings of cheese on top make every bite relish-worthy. We had higher hopes from the Margherita Pizza, both in terms of looks and flavour, but the only thing that works for this pizza is the thin crust that brings the pizza together. A tangier tomato sauce could have been a game changer.

Coming to the ‘sweet’ side of the menu, do not miss the Campfire Hot Chocolate. Thick, warm, and snuggle-worthy, this delish chocolate beverage came with a toasted marshmallow and small biscuit. The crunchy almond croissant with melt-in-your-mouth almond filling proved to be a befitting finale to our grub.