5 Foods That Shouldn't Be Reheated In A Microwave
Image Credit: Freepik.com

A microwave is a handy appliance among others in the kitchen. It is the equipment used to bake cakes and cookies or heat food at the end of the day. For the latter, though, we need to exercise a bit of caution. Not all food can be put into the microwave, because doing that may spoil their taste and even cause harm to our health. For example, the microwave heats your coffee or tea within seconds and does the same for your pizza too. In addition, you must be aware of containers and wraps that can cause fire, melt or release harmful toxins inside the microwave. But do you know about the food items that should never be heated in the microwave? Let’s learn about some of those food items.

  1. Water: You often put hot water in the microwave to make green tea, but beware as it can prove to be a little harmful. The mug of water heats up quickly, but the water in it takes time to warm up. Due to increasing the temperature many times, the water boils excessively and spills inside the microwave, damaging the equipment.
  2. Uncooked eggs: Thinking of boiling eggs in the microwave? You definitely shouldn’t try that because the high temperature of the microwave may create steam inside the egg, causing the egg to burst when pressure builds up. In addition, doing so can damage your microwave along with eggs.
  3. Oil: Cooking oils such as olive, grape seed, canola, avocado and peanut should not be heated in a microwave. For example, if you warm olive oil, it will not heat to your required temperature. Apart from this, if the oil becomes too hot, it can spread inside the microwave, making it messy.
  4. Rice: This, again, should never be heated in the microwave. According to research, reheating rice in the microwave can create potentially dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
  5. Broccoli: Broccoli is usually eaten after slightly boiling the vegetable. So, whenever you put it in the microwave, it loses its taste along with its nutrition because of overboiling.

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