Netizens Riled Up Over Lay’s And Kurkure Ice Cream

Perfect for mindless munching, packaged snacks never seem to go out of the shelves amid all the hullabaloo about healthy eating. When we are hungry and in a hurry, these processed goodies fill our tummies and satiate our palate. 

Although there are tons of packaged snacks available in the market, many of us have always been loyal to Lay’s and Kurkure when it comes to munchies. These crispy and decadent munchies go perfect with soft drinks or a cup of tea. 

Sadly though, a bizarre food fusion trend - involving the Lay’s and Kurkure snacks and guess what, ice cream - is now making the rounds on social media, and netizens don’t seem very pleased with it. In a video uploaded by the food blogger who goes by the username @thegreatindianfoodie, a street food vendor is seen making Lay’s and Kurkure ice cream. 

He is first seen placing the munchies on a cold stone, then adding two big scoops of vanilla ice cream and starts mixing all of them together. Thin ice cream rolls are then doled out of the mixture and served on a bed of these snacks again.

The video has left netizens riled up. Ever since it was uploaded, the video has garnered around 8k likes and hundreds of outrageous and funny comments. 

A user wrote, “Kya kya dekh na pad rha hai bhai corona sahi hai mar dal sabko😂  (sic)”, another said, “Kon h ye log ka se ate h ye log🙄🤢 (sic)”.

Will you try this fusion ice cream? Do let us know.