Netizens React Post Ban On Gobi Manchurian In Mapusa, Goa

Goa, popular among the most sought-after destinations in India for its sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, is currently making headlines because a town has banned Gobi Manchurian, a plant-based alternative to chicken manchurian. The authorities have questioned the hygienic conditions in which the vendors make it and the ingredients that they add to this Indo-Chinese dish.

Video Credit: Your Food Lab/ YouTube

Most street food stalls in India are established near roadsides surrounded by puddles of water and questionable sanitation. Many vendors do not understand food-safety regulations, established to ensure customers are served healthy food, which brings them under the radar of authorities and often they are asked to shut down their business. 

The Mapusa Municipal Council has not only questioned the condition in which street food vendors were making gobi manchurian, but they have also alleged that many were found using synthetic colours, poor-quality sauces, and clothing detergent, which prompted the ban on this popular street food dish in the late January.

Netizens On X React On Ban On Gobi Manchurian

While the authorities are concerned over the safety of customers and vendors not adhering to the food-safety rules, people on the internet are sharing hilarious memes. While a few netizens are questioning the decision of the authorities, others are getting behind it.

Sanjay Hegde shared an image of gobi manchurian on X (formerly known as Twitter) and asked, “What will they (Mapusa Municipal Council) ban next, vada pav?”

Another user on the platform shared a video of a man using a metal detector to search for something precious buried under the sand. He wrote in the caption, “Vegetarians searching for gobi manchurian in Goa.”

Maya Nadhi, another user on X, took a dig at the decision taken by the authorities of Mapusa and said that she would have ‘goat curry, gobi manchurian, and fried rice for lunch.’

An X user shared an image of the kitchen counter with essentials for gobi manchurian and said that he would make the dish.

Thilaga Dennis took to X to share that she prepared gobi manchurian and called it the ‘best dish’. She added that gobi manchurian is a class of Indian-Chinese dishes. While she found the recipe a little hard to follow, she said that its delicious taste would make her forget all the pain of cooking. 

If you are in Mapusa, you can still gorge on Indo-Chinese restaurants. A few places that you can visit if you are in the town are Mapuche, Soul Curry, and Sushi Mushi. Gobi manchurian might be banned, but travellers and locals can still enjoy other delicacies from the stack of Indo-Chinese cuisine.