Netizens Find French Man Call Paratha As 'Pamatha', Adorable
Image Credit: Freepik

Love is best expressed when food comes in to the picture, and this is exactly what happened recently, when a French husband and an Indian wife sat down to eat. This multicultural marriage had one common culinary thread: the couple’s love for home cooked parathas. What ensued between the two during their meal time will leave you in splits. The Indian wife, Sharu, who is also an Instagram vlogger, had cooked a desi meal for her French husband that consisted of dal, paratha and salad. 

Sharu started shooting a video as her husband enjoyed his food wholeheartedly. Sharu suddenly asks him what he is eating. The first response of her husband is ‘dal,’ to which Sharu asks, ‘and?’ The husband took a while to think and said, “Pamatha.” Quickly realising he didn’t quite get the name right he adds, “no it’s not that? But I’m close.” Sharu corrects him and says “Paratha.” The husband laughs and says “Pamatha Paratha just one letter.” This cute exchange between the husband and wife on ‘pamatha’ was shared to Sharu’s Instagram with the caption, ‘Petition to call it pamatha from now on.” The caption is also complete with two hashtags - #indianfood #indian. The video loved by foodies all over India and has received over 8.69 lakh likes on it so far. 

While Sharu and her husband who currently live in Canada, are an example of what happens when the Indian and French cultures come together, closer home we have a beautiful culinary heritage of a time when these two cultures have come together. We are talking about the cuisine of Pondicherry, which was in the olden days, a colony of the French. The French influenced every aspect of the local culture of Pondicherry, including its food.