Netizens Are Blown Over By This ‘Chingari Murga’; Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: Pixabay

The street food of India is on fire. No kidding. From fire panipuri to fire omelette, everything is being torched on put on fire for a smoky flavour, and let’s not forget they do make for a vision to remember. Another stunning street food from Seelampur, Delhi that is going viral is ‘Chingari Murga’. While ‘Murga’ means chicken in Hindi, Chingari refers to a ‘spark’ but watching the amount of fire used in making these chickens so crispy, is not meant for the faint-hearted.

The reel shot by food bloggers @Chatore_brothers has raked in more than 221k views within a week of going live. To make the chicken, the vendor adds cut chicken pieces in a wide aluminum bucket-like mixing bowl and marinates it with salt, turmeric, bean and oil. Using his hands, he mixed up everything until every single piece is nicely marinated. He then heats oil in the kadhai and after a while you can see the orange flames covering almost double the area of the kadhai. After the ‘fire’ reduces, he drops the chicken pieces and fries them. He takes them out on a plate, cuts the pieces into further smaller chunks and tosses it with a masala, and refries them. These fried pieces of chicken with bones are taken out and served hot with a sprinkling on additional masalas. The delicacy can be found at Old Seelampur’s Chicken Point (Galli no.4). 

The comments section is filled with impressed users. While everyone cannot stop drooling over the delicacy, people have also been showering praises for the vendor and his sheer control over the ablaze Kadhai. “Oh Bhai ek number”, “Waaah maza agaya”, “zabardast” read some of the comments on the video.  

It must be understood that it is indeed risky to play with fire no matter how appealing it looks, which is why, if you are craving fried chicken at home, maybe you can try this relatively safer way of making it. This is one of the recipes that has kept us hooked recently, we are sure, you are going to enjoy it equally.