Neha Kakkar Says ‘Yes’ To This Italian Delight

Singer Neha Kakkar is an absolute foodie, and her Instagram account is a proof. The sensational singer never fails to express her love for food. Right from enjoying some desi delights to exploring different cuisines, Kakkar remains to be an inspiration for all the foodies out there. The singer has a special love for Italian cuisine. Most of the time when she is travelling, she prefers eating Italian food. In her recent Instagram story, the singer is seen enjoying yet another Italian delicacy. Can you guess what it is?? 

In her recent Instagram story, Neha Kakkar is seen enjoying Italian Burrata cheese and her meal looks so delicious. Neha Kakkar is relishing Burrata cheese with some cherry tomatoes and lettuce. Burrata is a fresh and soft Italian cheese made up of cow milk. The Italian ‘Burro’ translates to butter, and we can totally understand how creamy, rich and delicious it could be. When you break into it, you will get soft interior of small cheese curds and cream oozing out. 

Here is Neha Kakkar's Instagram story:

                         Image credits: Instagram/nehakakkar

Burrata cheese is believed to be originated in Southern Italy and reportedly dates back to early 1900. Since then, Burrata cheese has been prominently used in pastas, pizzas and Caprese salads. But if you want the best flavours of Burrata cheese, try having it with some cherry tomatoes, little olive oil and Italian bread. And we are assuming that Neha Kakkar had a great time enjoying that Italian treat. 

Earlier, Neha Kakkar had shared an Instagram story in which she was seen sitting inside the pool while holding a bottle of coffee and croissant in her hands. Also, in the picture was seen a breakfast tray with juices, fruits, a cheese board, donuts, avocado toast, and smoothie bowls. 

Which is your favourite Italian meal? Do let us know!